OPINION: Political Correctness, Character Assassination, and Intolerance at CBS News

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has resigned from CBS News, where she had worked for over 20 years. You may remember her scoops on the Fast & Furious and Benghazi stories, which were ignored by her own organization, and now she has resigned from CBS, because they thought she was a right-wing propagandist. CBS News executives including David Rhodes – who’s brother Ben is President Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication – decided that Attkisson was too partisan for their organization and was wielding “dangerously close to advocacy” on the issue. That’s ridiculous, Attkisson was doing her sworn duty as a journalist to expose possible corruption on both sides. If she said “Obama is the worst president in history because of this”, that would have been advocacy. I wasn’t surprised to see her resign from CBS. However, she didn’t resign from the network just because of the Benghazi situation, she left because she was the only real journalist working there, and her colleagues were assassinating her character as a result of her exposing a possible coverup in the Benghazi story… this is Bernie Goldberg all over again when Dan Rather was still the network’s anchorman.

In 2013, CBS did a far-left hit piece on the Constitution by Georgetown University professor, Louis Michael Seldman. That in itself is a disgrace, because CBS News is supposed to be that, a news organization. And now, CBS wants to be one of network television’s answers to MSNBC? Talk about a lack of journalistic standards. What’s even more disgraceful is they have one of the most elitist broadcasters to ever hit television, Charlie Rose, as the host of their morning program. Throughout the era of Dan Rather, and especially because of the Watergate scandal brought out by the Nixon era in the 1970s, CBS has been partisan against anybody who dared to disagree with their far-left point of view. Now that Barack Obama’s in office, they have just gotten worse and worse. With the exceptions of both NCIS and Blue Bloods, their entertainment division is the same way, with shows like the trashy sitcom Two Broke Girls that attack conservatives and Christians as retrograde, all while having the most crass jokes in the history of television.

CBS News is now functioning as a totalitarian outfit working as an arm of the Democratic party. As a part of a major corporation, they’re allowed to do whatever they want. But, they do not have the right to disguise themselves as a news organization while throwing out propaganda that praises anyone who is in their liberal bubble. They should spin themselves off into a separate television channel, but I guarantee you if they did that, it would go the way of Al Jazeera America or Current TV, and become a colossal failure. There is no excuse for this in America. CBS News will rue the day when they get exposed for who they really are.



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