North Carolina’s 6th District Prepares for Republican Runoff

The state of North Carolina is preparing for the election runoff which will decide the Republican nominee for Congress to replace the nearly 30-year congressional veteran Howard Coble, who is retiring this year. The two nominees, former prosecutor Phil Berger and Baptist minister Mark Walker, are in a tight race this year. Berger however, has gotten a major endorsement from congressman Coble, despite members of his family supporting Walker. Other endorsements include former conservative House speaker Newt Gingrich, talk radio host Michael Reagan, the adopted son of former president Ronald Reagan, and Republican Congressmen Patrick McHenry (NC-10) and Mark Meadows (NC-11).

The Democratic candidate for congress, Laura Fjeld, won this year’s congressional primary, edging out Guilford County commissioner Bruce Davis. Berger however had an impressive 34% out of a 9 candidate field, and won every county in the district. According to the News & Record, both Berger and Walker will meet in a runoff to win the Republican nomination for congressman Coble’s seat. Democratic candidate Fjeld is the former administrator of the University of North Carolina public college system, whose flagship campus is located in Chapel Hill. Throughout her reign at the UNC system, a cheating scandal took place, and is still ongoing. The scandal had been taking place for over 14 years now, and it has also affected UNC Chapel Hill’s athletics department as well.

Despite the scandal’s ongoing status, it hasn’t stopped Fjeld from getting any endorsements. In fact, among the endorsements she has gotten have been from groups including the George Soros-funded website EMILY’s List (who also endorsed Texas abortion advocate Wendy Davis for governor), and the N.C. Association of Educators.

The Republican runoff is set to take place in July of this year.



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