OPINION: MTV’s Continuing Destruction of American Culture



On Saturday, Brent Bozell and his business partner Tim Graham, both of the conservative Media Research Center (whom I don’t always agree with), wrote a very interesting column. It’s about a new “comedy” on MTV that endorses incest, and how it does absolutely nothing positive for our society. The show was introduced by MTV to the Television Critics’ Association, who was absolutely appalled by the very idea. MTV would want us to think that what they’re doing is “edgy”, when in reality it’s not. It’s actually making a lot of people want to cancel their television subscriptions.

MTV actually wasn’t that bad when it first started. My father Paul was one of the first generations of MTV viewers back when it launched in 1981. All it focused on back then was music videos, nothing else. It wasn’t until the 1990s or the 2000s when it devolved into a network obsessed with reality shows focusing on trashy people (The Real World, Jersey Shore, etc.), demonizing anybody who disagrees with their radical-left point of view and/or stereotyping anybody who isn’t an urbanite from a big city. Ever since shows like this aired, our society has gone down the tubes, and it’s mostly thanks to them that more young people have negative opinions about this country, the people who care for it, and the principles it’s supposed to stand for. The worst part about all this? Nobody at MTV cares whether or not these shows paint a negative picture of traditional Americans. They just want to make money indoctrinating young people in this country, and making them want to radically change our nation into something else.

MTV has become a cesspool, and is the perfect example of what is wrong with American culture today. Unfortunately, there is no alternative for this garbage. However, we luckily have the power as consumers to not watch this channel or TV in general, and move on to a place like Netflix or Amazon. Not to mention there are also cable channels like Hallmark Channel or broadcast networks like MeTV and Aentenna TV (both of which air classic TV shows such as Green Acres or Bewitched). Websites like Netflix give people the power to choose what content they want to watch, while Hallmark, MeTV and Aentenna TV show us what the television industry used to give us. They didn’t have to air filth and disguise it as “edge” like they do now, and hopefully there’s somebody out there will have the TV industry as a whole return to morals and traditional family values in the future. It’s up to the next generation of thinkers to have that kind of thought, and we need to stop MTV from succeeding on their mission to change America for the worse.



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