OPINION: Adult Swim’s Continuing Assault on Christianity & How It Can Be Countered

CBN reported recently on a new blasphemous attack on Jesus that’s all too common on television, but will not be seen with skepticism anywhere in the national press. It’s a live-action “comedy” set to air August 7 on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block called Black Jesus, and it features the titular character smoking pot and cursing, plus there is a lot of other content that should make any Christian furious, no matter what their political stance. It’s not out of character for Adult Swim however, they’ve been attacking Christianity for years, with one example being a vile claymation program featured on the block called Moral Orel, which is even more vicious of an attack on Christians than this new show, and was cancelled back in 2008. This is comedy? Unfortunately, according to Adult Swim, it is.

Imagine if a conservative were creating a show for Adult Swim attacking the prophet Muhammad (the central figure of the Islamic faith) the way the people involved are doing to Christianity in this new show that’s set to air next week… Not only would the network reject the idea, they would also have him/her fired on the spot, and banned from the Turner Broadcasting System for life. Luckily, I believe this won’t do very well in the ratings. A majority of people in this country, no matter what some people in the media will tell you, still identify themselves as Christian. There will be plenty of devout Christians and Catholics who will not be watching this vile attack on the very faith this country was founded upon. Apparently, this show was made in response to the popularity movies like Son of God and Heaven is for Real enjoyed at the box-office this year, but they got the reasons for the success of those movies wrong. The truth is, Christians want their faith portrayed in a very positive light, and both Heaven and Son did just that. Son of God, which I still have yet to see, is a continuation of the History Channel’s sleeper hit, The Bible. However, it goes further to tell the story of how Jesus dies for our sins, and how he comes again. Heaven is for Real is the most realistic view of the Christian faith in my opinion. Todd Burpo, the author of the book the film is based on, and the main protagonist in the film, has his faith tested when his 4-year-old son Colton nearly dies of appendicitis, and later comes back to life after having emergency surgery. Little Colton later tells the story that during his near-death experience, he went up to Heaven and met Christ. To see how the family reacts to that story, you’re just going to have to see the movie for yourself. Back to Adult Swim, if there were any standards in media and entertainment, there would be endless reports on this piece of garbage, and Turner Broadcasting System would end the channel as a result of the protests. But unfortunately, Adult Swim’s anti-Christian propaganda is largely either ignored or praised by many media outlets. That must change.

I am asking Christians and Catholics across the country to protest this show by supporting the two movies I mentioned in this column. I definitely recommend buying them on DVD or Blu-ray or digitally downloading them on Netflix or iTunes. That way Turner Broadcasting might get the message. If any young person you know becomes a fan of this vile show Black Jesus once it premieres, tell them to stop watching that garbage and watch both of those movies instead. Christians can be portrayed in a positive light in entertainment, let’s hope that Adult Swim realizes that Americans do not want to be attacked like this, and do not deserve this in any way, shape, or form.



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