OPINION: Ferguson, Race, and Cultural Coarsening


If there was any indication that what you may have heard about Michael Brown being a so-called “gentle giant” weren’t true, it would be the video of the robbery, which proved that “gentle giant” myth was false. The shooting of Brown that was caused afterwards by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson never should have happened, and the outrage over the shooting of the 18-year-old is understandable. If I were in a similar situation, I’d be in the same pain his family was in. However, the protests happening in the aftermath of this shooting are downright inexcusable. The widespread looting and rioting is also disgraceful, and is a total insult to the grieving families of both Brown and Officer Wilson. Just this month, Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly said in his Talking Points Memo that over 78 people were arrested for their actions, and about 30 of them have criminal records. Only four of them were from Ferguson. He also pointed out that the liberal media would never report that. Instead, they allow race-baiting charlatans like Al Sharpton to say he was “shot down in the streets”, and the cable network he works for, MSNBC, to continue saying there is a “war on black boys” and they are “allowed to be murdered” by police.

That’s flat-out repulsive, not to mention this is yet another example of how Sharpton is continuing to make racial-tensions even worse than they are now, and are totally destroying Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of racial equality. If you ask me, yes, there is a “war on black boys”, but police are not causing it, it’s being caused by a debasing popular culture here in America, namely the Hip-Hop industry. It’s not just young blacks that are being victims of this repulsive culture, young people as a whole are sucked into it as well. Most of the so-called “artists” you hear nowadays, including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil’ Wayne, put out garbage songs which include vile lyrics that embrace the objectification of women, the glorification of drugs and crime, and the frequent use of obscenities and profanity. Use the fact that most young people listen to this filth, and add that to being born either with divorced parents or out of wedlock without a father as a male role model, and you have a toxic combination that will cause a similar situation that caused Michael Brown to have his life tragically taken away from him, and to an extent, the similar Trayvon Martin case back in 2012.

There’s no question that this culture is debasing young people everywhere, especially young blacks, and we will need honest people to combat this problem we’re going through with what happened in Ferguson. One of those few honest people is retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, who said this on Fox News Sunday on August 24 while debating Sharpton’s partner in crime, Jesse Jackson, “We want people to move up in our environment, not to be satisfied and not to be dependent.” Now those are words of wisdom coming from Dr. Carson, and young people in this country need to take note of this quote. Predictably enough, Dr. Carson has been attacked by the race-baiters ever since he criticized Obama in 2013’s National Prayer Breakfast in DC, but he is an example of people having the courage to speak out about the damage being done to this country by our popular culture and the Hip-Hop industry, especially the African-American community. People need to speak out about this harm being done by our culture, because it will be the only way to prevent another Michael Brown incident from happening again.



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