Box Office: Denzel Washington’s ‘Equalizer’ Opens at #1 with $35 Million, Stop-Motion ‘Boxtrolls’ Bombs

Looks like Denzel Washington still has a massive ability to carry a lot of weight at the box-office. No surprise there since similar action fare like Training Day put him on the map.

His new R-rated action thriller The Equalizer opened at #1 this weekend, grossing over $35 million. This opening marks Washington’s 3rd highest, and proves that people are still hungry for Denzel’s action-packed fare, and also proves that he remains a huge box-office heavyweight in Hollywood as an A-list star. It also scored the fourth-biggest September opening in history.

Now, compare that to the stop-motion studio Laika’s latest film specially made for art-house fans who live in the big cities, The Boxtrolls, which earned the disappointing amount its predecessor ParaNorman made, plus 3 million. The film, produced by the son of the co-founder of Nike, snared 1,806 screens for just a $17 million haul.

The Equalizer, not surprisingly, got mixed reviews. Not surprising since a lot of action thrillers that open big seem to be given this kind of treatment. Many critics think it’s “clichéd”, a term rarely applied to art-house fare.

The Maze Runner, based on the young adult novel of the same name by James Dashner, dropped to #2 this week with $17 million after a huge $32 million opening.



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