Despicable: Disney XD Premieres Sitcom with Vomiting Sequence in October

The children’s network Disney XD has set a premiere month for what is likely the most disgraceful and repulsive show ever put out by a kids’ channel in a long time (video down below, vulgar content warning).

Besides the obvious fart jokes and toilet humor seen in most of today’s kids’ shows, the trailer also indicates that we’ll see one of the characters in the young elementary school-aged cast eating nachos from a dumpster and vomiting on someone else.

Readers are reminded that this is not the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, or FOX.

This is a network with the Disney insignia on it airing this astonishingly vile kids’ show, which is set to premiere this October. Is there no limit to what Hollywood TV writers and creators are allowed to shove down our kids’ throats?

My god! This makes me long for animated classics like Snow White any day, not to mention the theme parks.



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