Fall Film Predictions: ‘Mockingjay Part 1’, ‘Big Hero 6’ Expected To Open Big , ‘Boxtrolls’ Disappoints

It’s time to look ahead as the Fall film season continues to heat up. Who will win the Fall? Who will surprise? I will analyze and predict what will happen at the box office.

1. Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Will Be Highest Grossing Film of 2014.

This won’t be any surprise, since The Hunger Games continues to do well for Lionsgate financially. The franchise’s second installment, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (which I saw), was a huge hit with moviegoers, which will probably lead to a possible record-breaking opening on November 21.

2. The Boxtrolls Will Lead Among Box-Office Disappointments.

There’s probably no more depressing a story than Portland-based animation studio Laika right now. Despite the fact that it was founded by Travis Knight (the son of Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike), their first two films (Coraline and ParaNorman) faded very quickly at the box office during their theatrical releases. This leads a lot of concern for the studio’s future. It turns out that they decided to include liberal talking points in their work. As I previously reported, their second film, ParaNorman, decided to reveal that the teenage male character in the film was gay and had a boyfriend. The teaser trailer for their latest film, The Boxtrolls, also takes cheap shots at social conservatives. Talk about alienating potential audiences. As a result of injecting their progressive point of view into their work, not to mention Knight’s own smug arrogance as a result of his father’s fortune making sportswear, no one but cinemaphiles going to art-house theaters in New York, Los Angeles, or any college town in this country came to see that film in droves, which resulted in a $17 million opening. The Boxtrolls also had some stiff competition, including Denzel Washington’s latest R-rated actioner The Equalizer, and the young-adult action-drama The Maze Runner. Expect it to disappoint again this weekend.

3. Big Hero 6 Will Be Box-Office Surprise

Like last year’s Frozen, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest outing will be a surprise hit, mainly because it has a great opening date to take advantage of its box-office competition. Surprise hits like this potential one should wake Hollywood up and realize that animated family movies make money, especially for Disney, and it all has to do with not shoving propaganda where it doesn’t belong unlike the creators of The Boxtrolls.

Those are my predictions for the rest of the Fall, here’s to a great holiday movie season.




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