OPINION: Am I a Grumpy Old Man in a Young Man’s Body?


If you read my previous columns about the culture problem we have here in America, I’ve called out many people in the entertainment industry for debasing our society, whether it may be liberal propaganda, explicit sex, gruesome violence, and profanity in many of the movies and TV shows coming out today, the explicit lyrics in music celebrating things like gangster lifestyles, drugs, and sex, or children’s programming teaching its target audience to talk back to and/or lie to their parents. The question you have in your head might be this, am I a grumpy old man in a young man’s body?

If I come off that way, then that’s my fault. My communication skills may need some improvement (that’s basically why I’m in college majoring in Communication). But let’s be completely honest, someone has to call out the mass media industry on their responsibility for the increasing weakness of this country both socially and fiscally. Why give anybody that’s destroying this country a pass?

The top show on premium TV right now is HBO’s Game of Thrones, featuring graphic violence, and taking vicious shots at conservative politicians like former president George W. Bush. This is not about my personal views of the show, it’s the most violent show on any network, and you won’t believe the praise it’s been getting from TV critics since its 2011 debut.

Who’s watching it? Young people. Last year, Robin Thicke had a top selling CD in America, featuring that “classic” song Blurred Lines, which has lyrics celebrating the exploitation of women. Guess who bought that piece of junk? Go to any local Walmart or Target and ask one of their employees. Unfortunately, many liberal elites in the media celebrate shows like Thrones and people like Thicke and Kanye West. If you criticize them, you are a “hater” according to many on the internet.

It’s easy for conservatives to blame Obama for this kind of stuff right now, but the president of the United States and his administration are not actually responsible for the cultural collapse here in America… well, not entirely at least. He’s not exactly helping either judging from the fact that he frequently has Hollywood celebrities that helped our culture decline (like George Clooney, Jay-Z, and Matt Damon just to name a few) on his side, and they share the same political view as him I might add.

This is especially damaging if you’re a parent of a young child in this day and age, because outside of the Disney Junior block of preschool programming and the occasional airing of a Disney Animation or Pixar film on the Disney Channel, there’s especially nothing on TV that lets children keep their innocence (as I’ve stated many times in my column). Case in point, the references to satanic symbols in the animated cartoon Gravity Falls. The show’s creator, Alex Hirsh, ought to be ashamed of himself! While Walt Disney Animation Studios grossed over a billion dollars with the family-friendly Frozen, Hirsh is aiming – at children – a show with satanic references inappropriate for any age. Disgraceful. During the Walt Disney Company’s early days, its namesake and his brother Roy would have immediately fired Hirsch if he did this in any of Disney’s older cartoons, and Walt especially would have slapped the tar out of him. Today though, Disney Channel’s total disrespect for its parent company’s legacy in family entertainment (the legacy Disney Animation, Pixar, and of course the D23 fan club, founded by current Disney CEO Bob Iger, are trying to keep alive) is largely ignored in many ways.

In conclusion, I might come off as a grumpy old man, but these mass media types need to be called out. Pop culture has destroyed this country, and if you dare speak out, you get scorned or attacked by secular progressives in the media and Hollywood. We’ve had enough with the graphic violence, Republican-bashing, lyrics about taking drugs, and total disrespect for traditional American values in the movies. TV, and music out today.

Go to any Walmart or Target store or flip through the TV channels later this weekend, see for yourself.





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