OPINION: More TV Propaganda from Liberal Hollywood

Madam Secretary TV Review CBS

Just in time for the midterm election season, the CBS show Madam Secretary debuted this past Sunday. The program, which is executive produced by far-left zealot Morgan Freeman, idolizes a Hillary Clinton-type woman secretary of state, played by Téa Leoni. To add insult to injury, they help call criticisms surrounding Clinton following the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed 4 Americans (including US ambassador Chris Stevens) as nothing but a misogynist Republican attack against a woman in a political office.

There’s no question that a lot of far-left sources like MSNBC, Daily Kos, and Salon will use this show to help Clinton out on her potential presidential ambitions.

Freeman, and the people at CBS are unhinged by making this piece of propaganda, and couldn’t care less about the tremendous incompetence Clinton had during and after the Benghazi attack. All they want is to shut down anybody who dares to oppose the progressive agenda.You might say that it’s wrong to condemn a movie and/or TV show without seeing it, but in this case, that’s absolute nonsense. To me, saying you can’t condemn a show like Madam Secretary without watching it is like saying you can’t condemn crack cocaine without taking it. So what should we as conservatives do about this? Since we are in a free country, Morgan Freeman and CBS are free to make this disgraceful show. The sacrifices made by our military give him that right, especially one of the marines killed that night – Tyrone Woods – whose father is still demanding answers. Isn’t that ironic? Hollywood producers using their money, made in America, to have young college-age TV viewers throw these 4 Americans under the bus so they can have Hillary Clinton as our next president.

This isn’t just about wanting an investigation in Benghazi, or demanding answers on what happened that night, this is about liberal Hollywood and news media elites shoving propaganda down our throats. Not even during the Reagan era did CBS even attempt to air a show like this. This type of despicable and downright insulting idiocy started during the Bush era, and it continues to this day. I can’t tell you how angry this makes me. The broadcast networks, especially CBS, have absolutely no relevance anymore. No matter what they broadcast, whether it may be news, entertainment, or a sports game, they can never resist to insert their far-left politics into anything they air.

There comes a time when the American public must take a stand, and this is one of those times. Freeman and the folks at CBS have officially crossed the line; they have made life even harder for the families of the four victims of the Benghazi attack. I’m asking local Triad area residents to go over to the studios of the local CBS affiliate, WFMY News 2, and stand in front of the studio’s entrance holding a sign that says “Never Forget Benghazi: 09/11/2012”. There is no excuse for Madam Secretary. The show is supposedly based on the hearing that then-Secretary of State Clinton had the year after the attack where she hurled out the infamous line, “What difference does it make?” You don’t brand Clinton as an innocent victim of an incident where she proved her incompetence, and brand the  four real victims as irrelevant.

Shows like NCIS have dealt with issues like Politics and Terrorism as well, but do they throw victims of terrorism under the bus? Of course not. And I believe a person like Donald P. Bellisario would never make a show as propagandistic as Madam Secretary.



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