OPINION: Poisoning Adolescent Boys Now?

Since I’ve started this column, many readers already know by now – and probably to the point where many might think I’m obsessed with this issue – about the total disdain I have for the Disney Channel and its sister network Disney XD, because not only do both channels mostly show programming that disgraces the Disney brand name outside of the occasional animated movies from Disney Animation Studios and its sister company Pixar, the programs also serve as a horrible influence among children. The latter is worse than the former, a parade of juvenile “edgy” sludge like The 7D (a show which would have Walt Disney spin in his grave), Crash & Bernstein, and Gravity Falls. How many parents know about this? Or know that these shows rarely miss an opportunity to be completely obnoxious and/or teach young boys how to wreck their households?

Unfortunately, in the third quarter of 2014, the juvenilia of Disney XD made it the highest-rated network for boys 6-11 & 6-14. Its obnoxiousness has sadly made a lot of fans, most of them being elementary or middle-school aged boys.

This Disney/ABC Television Group channel takes the place of the now-defunct Toon Disney television network. Although most of the shows weren’t very memorable, outside of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the classic 1987 series DuckTales, and its respective spinoff Darkwing Duck, there’s no question that the content of Toon Disney actually captured the essence of Disney’s wonderful heritage in the animation art form. The channel now in its place makes the reality shows and “edgy” filth on MTV look like master works of art.

As I previously reported, just when you thought this channel couldn’t possibly sink any lower, they find a way to stoop to new depths with the animated/live-action sitcom, Kirby Buckets. The story follows a young boy who wants to follow his dream of becoming an animator. The premise itself is inspiring, so it should be good. Right? Unfortunately, the way this premise is executed is not in a way fans of Walt Disney’s original animated cartoons and/or feature films would want. In fact, not only does the show feature such juvenile content as the usual fart jokes that seem to be shoved down our throats by the entertainment industry, but as I also reported, it also features what I believe is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen any sitcom air, especially one aimed at kids. You can bet when this show premieres, a lot of parent groups (i.e. Parents Television Council, One Million Moms) will rightfully protest it because of its vulgar subject matter.

It’s bad enough that shows like this are being broadcast at a time where there’s absolutely no market demand for it whatsoever. It’s even worse when the mainstream media doesn’t even call this trash out. Sometimes, they even endorse it… just like when they endorsed the main Disney Channel exploiting the very controversial issue of gay marriage in the now-cancelled sitcom, Good Luck Charlie.

It’s filth like this that continuously make people nostalgic for things like the Peanuts animated specials that air annually during holidays, and of course animated family movies like the Toy Story franchise and past-and-present Disney animated films. The unfortunate thing about this is it’s an effort by liberal Hollywood to redefine what “family” television is in their own warped minds. This has been going on ever since the socially conservative Bush presidency, and we can only hope things will change for the positive in the next few years. Why is that? Because despite most of the filth the TV industry is pushing down our throats, America is still a Christian country that cherishes traditional family values, and they long for a return to programming that fits those values. One example is Hallmark Hall of Fame, an anthology program that’s been putting out wholesome movies the whole family can watch together for 64 years now, making it the longest running franchise currently on TV. I could talk more about it, but I’ll save that for next week’s opinion column, which I guarantee will focus on the positives.

Parents should not simply shake their heads at Disney XD’s latest attempt to dumb down future generations of Americans. Longtime Disney stockholders and fans attending the next Walt Disney Co. Shareholder Meeting and D23 Expo respectively should ask Disney CEO Bob Iger to hold these TV producers accountable for the filth they’re airing.





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