OPINION: A Bone-Headed Move from Douglas McKinnon

Like many people here in the US, I grew up watching movies made by The Walt Disney Company, especially their animated movies. I remember the first movie I ever watched being the 1961 classic, 101 Dalmatians, and I would watch it over and over again. The same thing goes for any Disney movie I saw as a kid. They’ve been famous for bringing great stories to life with their theatrically animated content, whether it may be the adorable antics of Mickey Mouse and friends, to the timeless retellings of fairy tales, they have been the go to for family entertainment for over 90 years. Plus, with the addition of the Pixar library in Disney’s portfolio, they continue to earn their trust when it comes to bringing families together.

Disney still does great things for entire families today, whether it may be great attractions in their theme parks to their continuing legacy in animation. However, like I said in previous columns, there’s no denying that there are some parts in the company that rebel against Walt Disney’s original business strategy of bringing families together. Case in point, the Disney Channel and its sister network Disney XD trying to compete with the vile pre-teens’ network Nickelodeon with their poorly written sitcoms aimed at indoctrinating children by inserting jokes that take cheap-shots at conservatives, and telling them to talk back to and/or lie to their parents. They have been disgracing the Disney name and company since at least the early 2000’s. I was surprised to see former Reagan aide Douglas MacKinnon writing a column, which has since been removed, taking about this same issue, but saying it’s the entire company making an effort at getting the kids early, especially when it comes to endorsing unions between gays and lesbians, or in his words, having a “pro-gay agenda”. This is by far the only time I will agree with Media Matters (a far-left smear factory who demonizes anybody who opposes liberal causes) on any issue.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Disney is sympathetic to the gay lifestyle, but the way McKinnon’s column was written is flat out reprehensible. As I mentioned in a previous column about gay characters in movies, I do not have a problem with the gay lifestyle, and most gays that I have met during my lifetime are good people. All they want are the same rights traditional straight couples have. Before I go on, yes, Walt Disney World does have that annual “Gay Days” going on, but that is not even affiliated with the company in any way, shape or form. I also remember this past summer when a friend and colleague I had when I was working with former NC prosecutor Phil Berger Jr.’s failed congressional campaign told me a story about someone he knows who is gay, but is also a Christian and Conservative as well. Even if you may or may not agree with the lifestyle, gay people exist, you can’t take that away. The thing I have a problem with is the movie and TV industry pushing things like “marriage equality” down our throats to the point where it has become propaganda disguised as entertainment and newscasting. Luckily, Disney is one of the few exceptions, at least when it comes to their feature animation and theme park businesses, but like I said before, it is the TV division, Disney/ABC Television Group, that is the problem.

McKinnon should not have written such a controversial column, because it paints the entire conservative community as many liberal news and entertainment programming, particularly ABC’s primetime drama Scandal, and the far-left cable network MSNBC, make us all out to be. In other words, it makes us as conservatives look bad. There is a difference between militant gays (the kind of people Hollywood are pushing down our throats) trying to impose their view on all of us, and just regular people who just happen to to be in a gay union with someone else. In my view, that is where MacKinnon lost credibility. There is no doubt in my mind that I get what he is saying though.

One thing I would like to add is Disney Channel and Disney XD aren’t the only kids’ TV channels that are shamelessly exploiting this very controversial issue down our children’s throats (and in the process, ruining Disney’s hard-earned reputation), Nickelodeon has been doing this as well through the now-cancelled show, Victorious, which actually referenced gay uncles in one episode. I mean, enough is enough with the media and Hollywood elites trying to push militant gay activism into the mainstream. Patriotic Americans can debate LGBT rights respectfully. No one should be allowed to demonize any human beings, no matter what their political stance, race, gender, or sexual orientation. Neither should they accuse an entire company of pushing an agenda instead of just one segment of a major media company like Disney (the TV division, doing business as Disney/ABC Television Group) not being like the other divisions.

To return to my point, and in conclusion, it’s columns like MacKinnon’s that don’t do the conservative movement any favors. It helps us lose elections rather than win them, and we can’t have this happening again this year, or in 2016.




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