‘Hallmark Hall of Fame’ to air ‘One Christmas Eve’ on Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Hall of Fame is back, and is moving to cable on November 30, courtesy of Hallmark Channel. The first Hall of Fame film set to air on cable is One Christmas Eve starring Anne Heche. As I previously stated in my opinion column praising Hallmark Hall of Fame, the film is about a recently-divorced mom who wants to make her kids have their best Christmas of their lives without their father around. Since this is a Hallmark Hall of Fame production, you can expect the stuff that made the franchise so special, and that is the wholesome, feel-good plotlines that are suitable for family viewing, even though there are adult themes in most of the productions.

If you ask me, I think it’s great that this happened. ABC, who previously aired Hall of Fame, had thrown it under the bus and heavily promoted agenda-driven and coarsened garbage like Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder, all created by television producer (and committed far-left zealot) Shonda Rhimes. Expect an article slamming Murder‘s inappropriate and disgusting subject matter this coming Thursday. In the meantime, let’s be thankful that Hallmark Hall of Fame has a new home where everyone, young and old, can watch something that doesn’t insult their core values.



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