OPINION: A Japanese Cartoon Under Fire for Stating the Unfortunate Obvious In World Politics & Culture

Now here’s something you’ll never see any liberal television producers have any guts to do in terms of real-world issues… criticize an entitlement culture that has unfortunately plagued many countries around the world, raising the minimum wage, and consumer tax hikes. That’s exactly what happened this week on a Japanese TV cartoon called Doraemon, which criticized this particular issue happening especially in Japan. According to the website Anime News Network, the episode is receiving several complaints from Japanese parents on Twitter, with one parent saying that it was inappropriate to make a political statement in a children’s cartoon.

What’s the big deal? They need to be praising this for happening, because the Japanese economy is in the tank, and has been for a long time. Plus, with the tax hikes that happened on Groundhog Day this year in Japan (according to the article), the government deserves to be criticized for this. Also, we here in the US have put out hidden political and social messages as well if it makes these parents feel better. Our entertainment was sometimes critical of the entitlement culture as well… in 1965. If you watch A Charlie Brown Christmas every year, Sally Brown, Charlie Brown’s sister, says something about getting her “fair share”. Apparently Charles Schulz, who was involved with that production (the special was based on the iconic Peanuts comic strip) was predicting that the country would be infested with people who want “gifts” instead of working hard for what they want, and that has been what most of the current millennial generation is, unfortunately. As a fan of Japanese culture (I’m taking a class right now focused on just that at Coastal Carolina University), I was absolutely surprised this is happening in Japan, because I know the US is a nation of “gimme gimme” right now thanks to the incompetence and ineptness of our elected officials, and especially the current administration. Turns out there are people in the TV industry wanting to point that out to a country’s citizens, and they get criticized by parents? Talk about wanting this bureaucracy to continue in the land of the rising sun.

If only the entertainment shows that are aired here in the United States, especially on ABC, NBC, and CBS, had the guts to call out all politicians in the Democratic and Republican Parties, but they also have to give all kinds of politicians a hard time, but we all know that because of a liberal-controlled Television industry, they will never criticize anyone that isn’t in their liberal bubble, and their only targets happen to be Christians, Catholics, Republicans, and Conservatives. We’ve seen this especially recently, with the far-left ABC drama Scandal gratuitously comparing the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution to slavery. It’s been happening around the world as well, and it’s good to know that at least one broadcaster in Japan has the absolute gall to call out the entitlement/welfare state and the raise of the minimum wage for what it is, a disaster. Japan’s economy is awful right now, almost as bad as ours and Europes, and that’s exactly what these Japanese Twitter users complaining about the episode want. Their worldview is destructive, and someone at least has the nerve to call out this “I want” culture that’s damaging many areas of the world.



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