OPINION: Tuning Into Cultural Collapse on ABC’s Thursday Lineup


Stop the presses! Cultural decay continues to dominate the television industry, as ABC unfortunately has another so-called “hit” from committed leftist Shonda Rhimes that has been airing since this past September called How to Get Away with Murder, which is getting most of its buzz from the explicit gay sex scenes shown usually at the end of each episode. This apparently, is “entertainment”, not pornography. Not surprisingly, many in the entertainment media are praising this for happening, and Vanity Fair even went so far to call it “the most progressive show on television”. Vanity Fair isn’t alone, E! is praising this stunt too by saying it’s “changing TV”.

Yeah, it’s changing TV alright, changing it for the worse. Explicit sex, gay or straight, is actually coarsening our culture even more, and that’s not a good thing. This is no accident however, the new president of ABC, Ben Sherwood, is a member of a group run by far-left billionaire George Soros, so we should expect more of this to happen in the future, especially on ABC’s so-called “family” network which has caved into the same kind of filth. All of Shonda Rhimes’ programs also had to have at least one instance of a character in these respective shows pushing some kind of left-wing agenda, including getting abortions and getting rid of the 2nd Amendment. The sad part is the main target audience of college-age women is eating this garbage up like candy as I mentioned in a previous column. It’s all about putting out what Hollywood, the networks, and the entertainment industry think is “edgy” in their minds. It’s what they believe is the new normal when it comes to not only television, but society as a whole. We’ve seen this on many so-called news programs on ABC as well, such as Good Morning America. The worst part about all of this? ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Company, which is perhaps very well known as a dominant provider in family entertainment.

The good news is even though Disney’s television arm, especially ABC, has gone downhill in recent years with the trash they’ve been putting out lately, Disney’s theme parks, and of course the animated movies they put out are still following through Walt Disney’s original vision of providing entertainment the whole family can watch together. I know that’s getting old, but it is the truth, and I always have to point that out. There’s also better news for those of you who are as tech savvy as I am… People are watching television much less these days, preferring to surf the internet for creative content. So if a major television network wants the entire family watching, it has to aim at everybody. You can’t just walk away from potential viewers. You have to wonder what Disney is thinking then they put this stuff out. Their animated movie Frozen grossed over a billion dollars at the box office during its long theatrical run. That’s more money than any ratings any of the filth on ABC, and the so-called ABC Family, will ever get. For the record, there’s no doubt the audiences these respective shows are pandering to are tuning into them like crazy. If the target audience of college-age women likes it, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, there is a line that’s crossed when stuff like explicit gay sex is aired on broadcast television. ABC has definitely crossed that line, and we can only hope we, as the next generation of thinkers, can put a stop to this madness.



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