Triad Tribune’s Hollywood Top 5

This week’s Hollywood Top 5 is here, where I count down the top 5 stories happening in the entertainment industry.


5. Sad Day for America: Kirby Buckets Becomes Ratings Success for Disney XD

In a sad day for America, Disney XD just scored a recent hit with the crass kids’ show Kirby Buckets. reports that over 690,000 total viewers tuned in to watch the new sitcom, a far-cry from the rush to judgement I had by saying millions had watched it, but still not good for traditional-minded people. Kirby Buckets’ debut episode features what I believe is one of the most disgusting scenes ever attempted in a kids’ program, featuring one of the title character’s best friends vomiting (on camera) on a middle-aged man. If you want proof, check out my article which details how crude this show really is, and how inappropriate it is for children. With shows like Kirby Buckets being popular with its target demographic, this country is in deep trouble.

4. The Book of Life Review Coming This Saturday

Just in time for Trick or Treating, I will be reviewing the animated film The Book of Life, which focuses on the Mexican “Day of the Dead” holiday, which is similar to Halloween here in the US. Expect the review to come in the day after Halloween.

3. Soundtrack for Disney’s Big Hero 6 Features Limited Edition Baymax Vinyl

The Disney-centered news website Stitch Kingdom reports that the soundtrack for Disney’s upcoming and highly-anticipated CG film Big Hero 6, which is set to hit stores on November 24 (with a Digital release set for November 4), will include a limited edition vinyl of Fall Out Boy’s single, ImmortalsThat vinyl by the way, was used in the song’s music video. This very ambitious film is set for release next Friday, so mark your Calendars. I will be reviewing this movie the day it comes out.

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Airs Again Tonight on ABC

If you missed It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown earlier this month, you’re in luck because this is your second chance. ABC’s second airing of the beloved special airs tonight at 8, and in addition to that, You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown will air right after the Great Pumpkin just in time for the 2014 midterm elections. There are only a few times I watch ABC, and that’s when the Peanuts specials air (or an occasional airing of a Pixar or Disney Animation movie). The rest of the time, ABC airs nothing but left-wing garbage.

1. MSNBC Draws Lowest Primetime Viewership in 7 Years

Progressivism no longer sells, MSNBC’s lowest ratings in 7 years serves as a great example of that sad fact. reports that the network had only 502,000 total viewers and 122,000 in the key 25-54 demographic. Pretty sad, but not surprising. Far-left zealotry won’t get you very good ratings. 502,000 would be fine if it were a kids’ show, but it’s not good if you’re wanting to be a news channel, and that’s why Fox continues to dominate, and CNN is following them.

That’s this week’s Hollywood Top 5. Catch ya later.

UPDATE (Nov. 2, 2014): Due to the event of inclement weather on Saturday, my movie review for The Book of Life has been cancelled, but I will be reviewing the film when it comes on digital download. I also plan on reviewing Disney’s Big Hero 6 the day it comes out this week, so watch out for that.



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