‘Annie’ Remake Promises To Follow P.C. Narrative, Makes Adoptive Father a Politician


The 1982 film version of the Broadway hit Annie, itself based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strip by Harold Gray, is set in during the Great Depression, and sees the title character being adopted by a billionaire businessman. That apparently offended the producers of this new remake starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and newcomer Quvenzhané Wallis. It’s been hip hop-ified along with the soundtrack (largely thanks to executive producer Jay-Z), and it makes a hero out of a liberal Democratic politician in true 2014-era fashion.

Sony Pictures is apparently wanting to do this remake because it won’t be offensive to future audiences. There is nothing wrong with that if you ask me, but if you remake something like Annie with a diverse case (the 1982 version, as well as the comic strip, had a mostly white cast of kids), then many conservative pundits and radio hosts using over-the-top rhetoric that even I find reprehensible most of the time, including Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, might think you may be pushing an agenda. This has happened to Sony before with the 2013 film White House Down, which made the main villain a group of racist right wingers and bombed at the box-office as a result. Another 2013 film, Disney’s The Lone Ranger, also made the villain a capitalist. It ended up becoming the biggest box-office flop of the year.

This new remake looks to have the same charm as the original 1982 film, and believe it or not, it actually looks like a pretty decent movie (as seen in the official trailer), but it isn’t enough to slake the P.C. mindset in Hollywood. For now, I remain skeptical, but I do hope they succeed in this attempt to reintroduce a new generation of kids to this icon in musical cinema.



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