OPINION: The Tragedy of Michael Brown and the Disgraceful Trivialization of It


Monday evening, Darren Wilson – a Police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri – was found not guilty of murder in the tragic shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. As you may know, the incident happened this past Summer. As the facts continued to come in, the case has continued to divide Americans. Officer Wilson in my opinion had the right to defend himself, but we still don’t know whether he’s the villain or not. However, he was found not guilty, and that is a verdict that everyone must accept. Michael Brown was a convicted robber, skin color is irrelevant in this case, but Brown’s character is. He apparently was threatening to everyone and was allegedly bullying a clerk, but like Wilson, we still don’t know if he’s the victim or the culprit. This isn’t a black or white issue, this is an issue of common sense, but neither the race-hustlers nor the disgraceful looters that have turned the town of Ferguson into a post-apocalyptic wasteland will never admit that. Only moments after Wilson was found not guilty, the agitators grew even more unhinged, and the race-hustlers in the media and in politics are continuing to not only stoke the fire, but also have people believe the police community are racist against blacks as a whole. The merchants of racial and anti-Police hatred who are peddling this stuff need to be held accountable.

Let’s begin with CNN, in a Twitter post Monday night, that far-left cable network said, “No indictment for Darren Wilson, the white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen.” That’s flat out reprehensible, and every American should condemn that CNN Breaking News headline. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is, Michael Brown was obviously threatening to Officer Wilson because of his actions. It was not, I repeat, not, a racial incident. CNN does this all day long. If you disagree with the far-left views of their president Jeff Zucker (also known for running NBC into the ground), you are hateful. Even worse, worse, is The New York Times, who yesterday afternoon published most of Officer Wilson’s personal information according Fox News’s Howard Kurtz, including – but not limited to – his address and his marriage license. They (weakly) apologized afterwards, saying “the information should not have been made public”. Incredibly, they didn’t even delete that information. The Times in this instance has done a horrible thing by putting this police officer’s life in danger. They knew that if this information was put out to the public, then the looters destroying the city of Ferguson right now would go after him.

To that disgraceful situation, at least 30 businesses were destroyed by the rioters currently on the loose, and in less than 12 hours. Among them include a local Walgreens, and a local business called Cake & More. More than 61 people were arrested. The damage done to the city of Ferguson, Missouri is unprecedented. All of this because Officer Wilson was allegedly defending himself from Brown. Guess who’s the person that’s the most responsible for stoking the fires of racial hatred in this case? Al Sharpton. He has taken race relations back 50 years, and unfortunately, he now uses the far-left MSNBC platform to spew his racial hate on television. He’s not alone, last night Brown’s stepfather actually called for even more violence, telling his co-horts to burn down Brown’s family church. I could cover more, but it really makes me angry just thinking about it. The New York Times, CNN, Al Sharpton and others are furious that people aren’t buying into their nonsense anymore. I end my point by telling people to stop trivializing the Ferguson tragedy, and turning it into a racial and political circus, not to mentioning using it as an excuse to break the law.

One final note, there is hatred on the right as well. There is over-the-top rhetoric, especially coming from some people at Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center (which I use as a citation for most of my columns). These riots should also remind conservatives that there are lines that are crossed, and if we’re not careful in this politically correct time we’re living in right now, incidents like this will continue to happen.

Hate is hate, it doesn’t matter whether liberals or we as conservatives spew it out.



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