Disney Channel Censors the Word “God” as Online Profanity


Just when you thought Disney Channel couldn’t possibly sink any lower… it does.

According to NewsBusters.org, this morning on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, a woman named Julie and her 10-year-old daughter Lily explained how the network’s website censored the word “God” from Lily’s comment answering this question, “What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?” Julie told host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, “She typed in that she was thankful for God and her family and church and her friends.” When she submitted it, the post was blocked.

This unbelievable example of censorship is disappointing indeed, but should we expect anything else from Disney Channel? Their main goal is to coarsen our culture as I’ve been pointing out many times in my culture columns. Earlier this year, Disney Channel’s now-cancelled sitcom Good Luck Charlie featured a lesbian couple. Disney XD is even worse, showing garbage like Crash & Bernstein and most recently, Kirby Buckets. The latter of which by far has one of the most deplorable attempts at shock humor ever seen in a children’s program.

None of this is an accident however, the Disney/ABC Television Group is run by a man who is a member of a group funded by George Soros.



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