OPINION: DreamWorks Animation’s Woes Bad for Company, But Good for Middle America


Jeffrey Katzenberg is the CEO of DreamWorks Animation. Since 2008, he has donated money to president Barack Obama. DreamWorks’ latest movie, Penguins of Madagascar, became their fourth consecutive CG animated film to bomb at the box office. Here’s my take… Obviously this is not very good news for the studio at all. However, this is good news for Middle America, and it’s good news for conservatives. I’ll explain.

Since Jeffrey Katzenberg loves the Obamas so much, he believes he feels the need to have First Lady Michelle Obama advertise the Penguins movie for them. This is not only a poor marketing tactic, but it’s also blatant propaganda aimed at children as well. This shows they don’t like average Americans. They make tons of money by making movies that use big-name liberal Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt and Tina Fey, and talk down to pre-teens and teenagers, while they alienate their parents and other potential audience members. That’s the dumbest thing you could do in the movie industry. DreamWorks thinks they can win audience members and box office revenue with their left-wing advocacy. Perhaps the worst example is when they let the viking character in How to Train Your Dragon 2, played by Craig Ferguson, come out as gay in the middle of the film. It doesn’t matter if you oppose or support LGBT rights, just leave it out of a family movie.

The point is, DreamWorks Animation, as well as the LAIKA stop-motion studio, just don’t get it. They have very little knowledge of what family audiences want. And what they do know, they detest it completely. They don’t like escapism, or childhood innocence, or anything that has to do with wholesome family entertainment whatsoever. The list goes on and on, they’re simply jealous that movies the entire family can watch together do well at the box office. They don’t like the family unit. Worse yet, they – as well as most of Hollywood as a whole – want to disintegrate it. They want the children to be in charge of their parents. That’s why you see networks like Disney Channel and Nickelodeon air shows with the main protagonist constantly smart-mouthing their parents all the time, and the parents themselves portrayed as bumbling oafs. ABC and ABC Family (outside of 25 Days of Christmas) are also out there pushing socially progressive issues such as gay marriage and abortion down our throats under the guise of entertainment, and they expect us to evolve and change our lifestyle. We’re not. The audience of DreamWorks’ recent films is minuscule compared to such powerhouses as Pixar and its sister company, Walt Disney Animation Studios. DreamWorks doesn’t like Middle America, and Middle America has shown in recent years they don’t like them.

Please, do not think that all big animation studios think like the people at DreamWorks Animation. They don’t. Disney doesn’t. Pixar doesn’t. Plus, as we’ve seen from the recent trailer for The Peanuts Movie, the Fox-owned Blue Sky Studios to an extent doesn’t either. They don’t want the family unit to change, except to make it united once again. Families being together is what America is all about, especially with the Christmas season here already. I will close with this, the way Walt Disney beautifully said it long ago, you’re dead if you only aim at kids, and adults are just kids grown up anyways.



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