OPINION: Political Correctness and Cowardice at Sony Pictures Entertainment


As I mentioned in my two previous columns, Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Japan-based Sony Corporation, disgracefully cancelled next week’s theatrical release of the Seth Rogen comedy, The Interview after its computers were hacked by who we now know as the country of North Korea. This controversy has outraged a lot of people, including former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and even celebrities like Judd Apatow. The reason for the cancellation (and the hacking by North Korea) was because of the premise being two journalists developing a plot to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. And now Sony has blacklisted the film from ever being released, because that premise allegedly crossed the line.

That crossed the line? Unbelievable, not to mention cowardly… but let me tell you what you can do in Hollywood without them ever having to your work either get blacklisted or cancelled. An HBO series called True Blood used the vulgar term “republic*nts” to refer to conservative women, there were zero repercussions against the people who did this repulsive stunt. Two respective movies from last summer and this past spring, White House Down (a Sony Pictures production) and Non-Stop, portray conservatives, military people, and 9/11 family members as the real terrorists. Still, there were zero repercussions against them at all. A so-called comedy on Adult Swim called Black Jesus portrays the Son of God as a pot-smoking, drug-addicted criminal in the ghetto. Hilarious. And explicit sex scenes on ABC’s Thursday Night lineup, produced by committed leftist Shonda Rhimes, won’t get you into any hot water either. So, it turns out that some elements of so-called “edge” are more equal than others in Hollywood. New York Post movie critic Kyle Smith rightfully pointed out in his column that this episode proves how cowardly liberal Hollywood really is, and proves the double standard they have when it comes to fictional villains in movies. I used to think it was mostly network TV shows that used the usual liberal villains and spewed out most of the propaganda in entertainment today. But now, this proves that kind of cowardice infects movies as well. You see, not only did Sony Pictures cancel the movie, they also leveled a vicious smear against the filmmakers in a press release, saying that they stand by free speech, and yet they had to pull the film because of the hacking.

Have you no shame Sony? You and your far-left mob blacklisted a film that had so much potential of being good! Wasn’t that enough for you? You have to assassinate the filmmakers and the moviegoing public, too? For the record, this so-called “apology” was to please their elite peers, and that tells you everything you need to know about Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony Corporation needs to think about selling this corrupt organization pronto, it has proven to be a stain on this great Japanese brand.



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