OPINION: The Situation with Obama’s Daughters and ABC’s Gross Rush to Judgement


Obviously I’m late to the game, but as everybody knows, a GOP staffer had to resign after saying Sasha and Malia Obama, the daughters of president Barack Obama, needed to show some class.

Elizabeth Lauten is her name, and she worked for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R), and now she resigned. Good… and she should have resigned. I agree that Obama’s daughters needed to show some class and all, but did she really have to say that on her Facebook page? Absolutely not. It really did make this staffer look bad. However, that’s nothing compared to the reaction from ABC News, which as I’ve said many times before is run by Ben Sherwood, a member of the George Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity. It’s mostly their Good Morning America program that seriously plays defense force for the Obamas any way they can, from calling for a travel ban from Ebola-stricken countries “hysteria” to flat-out worshipping the president. The main target audience for all of ABC News these days is young women aged 18-49, the same audience as the prime time programming created by committed left-wing zealot Shonda Rhimes. Not surprisingly, Rhimes and the producers of Good Morning America all have the same mindset, so there have been instances where they insisted that conservatives are to be ridiculed at all costs. Just take a look at the Shonda Rhimes program Scandal. From the very first episode, conservatives are portrayed as rabid bigots, and there was even a character that said this line, “I hate Republicans.”

Enough with that though, let’s go back to Good Morning America. When Lauten posted that message on Facebook about the president’s daughters, GMA immediately jumped to the conclusion that she was a “cyberbully”. Again, a rush to judgement on GMA‘s part, and flat-out disgraceful. This staffer wasn’t doing any cyberbullying, she just did something stupid that made her look bad, and now she has to live with this for the rest of her life. Yet, ABC has the nerve to paint all conservatives in the same light, as bullies. What is Disney thinking, their recent animated movie Big Hero 6 grossed over $224 million worldwide since it was released last month. That’s more money than any ratings Good Morning America or Scandal will ever get.

The point I’m making, is this was nothing but a way for ABC to find a reason to bash conservatives as bullies. They know that, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.



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