Hollywood Top 5: January 16, 2015


This is Carolina Culture Warrior’s Hollywood Top 5 for January 16, 2015. I will be counting down the Top 5 stories surrounding the entertainment industry. Boy, has it been a very interesting week.

#5: Oscar Nominees Confirmed

Perhaps one of the biggest stories of this week was the Oscar nominations that were announced, which included – surprisingly – Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper. Even I can’t believe that, considering it didn’t really get a high critical percentage on Rotten Tomatoes (75% is still pretty good though). Expect to see a review of this film out some time on Saturday or Sunday.

#4: Sad Day for America: FOX’s Empire Dominates Ratings

In a sad day for America, the FOX program Empire, which focuses on the “sophisticated” hip-hop music industry is becoming a ratings success in its second week. Variety reports that the show earned over 10.3 million viewers. The show’s creator – Lee Daniels – is one of the most radical leftists working in the entertainment industry. You may remember when he directed the film Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which painted former president Ronald Reagan as an uncaring racist, when that wasn’t the case at all in real life. He has also said that America has been more racist since Obama’s election. The fact that the network would show garbage like this proves that there is a huge disconnect between the Fox News Channel and the Fox Broadcasting Company, even though both TV operations have the same name. And with shows like this being popular, this country is going down the drain.

#3: Liam Neeson Calls for Gun Control

Irish actor Liam Neeson has recently called for more gun control according to a post on the Fox & Friends Facebook page. Fox & Friends by the way, is the Fox News Channel’s morning show. 20th Century Fox is owned by the parent company of Fox News Channel, as stated subtly in #4. This isn’t a surprise if you ask me. You may remember last year’s Neeson movie Non-Stop, which had us speculating who hijacked a plane Neeson’s character was on, and it showed us that (spoiler alert) the terrorists were a 9/11 family member and a U.S. soldier, and one of Neeson’s allies was a Muslim in full Muslim-garb.

#2: Fifty Shades of Grey Becomes Fastest-Selling R Rated Film on Fandango

In yet another example of how low we’ve fallen as a culture, Fandango releasing advance tickets for the upcoming filth-fest Fifty Shades of Grey – based on an erotic novel of the same name – caused the website to sell the highest number of tickets in their history according to Breitbart.com. Let’s just hope the Christian film set to be released on the same day (Valentine’s Day), Old-Fashioned, outgrosses it.

#1. American Sniper Beats Box-Office Records

To no one’s surprise, Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper is killing it at the box office right now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it earned over $5.3 million on Thursday night. Not to mention the Reporter is now predicting the film will probably earn $50 million-$60 million in its overall opening weekend in general release. Just goes to show that pro-American movies are still popular.

Well, that’s your Hollywood Top 5 for this week, see you soon!




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