OPINION: The JCPenney Store Closings and How America Can Learn From Them


JCPenney (NYSE:JCP) is a department store chain based in Plano, Texas. Since 2013, the company has been trying to fix the damage done by former CEO Ron Johnson. One of the things they’re doing in order to become profitable again in the long run is that they’re closing 40 stores. Penney’s stock took a bit of a beating as a result of this, but if you ask me, this is good news for the company, and it’s good news for new and longtime customers. Let me explain… JCPenney has obviously been in trouble since 2012, and that trouble was mostly caused by a man named Ron Johnson. He thought he could make the company upmarket. He eliminated the brands that made the store known by a lot of customers, made the prices expensive, and made the store alienate a lot of loyal shoppers. As a result, the company fired Johnson and replaced him with his predecessor, Mike Ullman.

Ullman is trying his best to restore what the department store chain had lost during Johnson’s run as CEO, including reinstating brands shoppers know (including Arizona Jeans, Co. and St. John’s Bay) as well as creating a deal with the more profitable Walt Disney Co. to sell Disney-related merchandise in their stores. The move to close the 40 stores is a great way to become more profitable in the days ahead, and eventually become more competitive against retail giants such as Walmart. Speaking of Walmart, that company’s founder – Sam Walton – used to be a JCPenney employee before going on to start the world’s largest retailer. Interesting fact… but let’s go back to Penney.

The reason why I bring up what this iconic retailer is going through right now is because the country needs leaders. We need a Mike Ullman to get us back to what we are known for. We also need our culture, politics… everything… to go back to what we are known for… Patriotism, traditional family values, and most importantly, our Judeo-Christian origins. Overtime we try to say that though, the MSNBC’s and CNN’s of this world tell us we’re “retrograde” or whatever insult they can find. We’re not. We really need to get back to basics, and a new president that respects our traditions, our values, and our Christian origins will indeed help us do that. What JCPenney has learned from the Ron Johnson scenario, we can learn as a country. The damage our cultural and political leaders are doing right now makes the department store chain look like Child’s Play, and it will take a long time to fix, as in Penney’s case.



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