Disgusting: ABC Plans Semi-autobiographical Sitcom Produced by Vile ‘It Gets Better’ Founder


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes an announcement by the ABC network that they’ve picked up the pilot for an upcoming semi-autobiographical sitcom produced by military gay activist Dan Savage, who founded the It Gets Better project. This first broke in January, but this is definitely news to me. Media and Hollywood types have done nothing but fawn over his cause, and have largely ignored his many instances of hate against anyone who disagrees with him.

One example can be when he bullied Christian teens in 2012, telling them to “ignore the bulls**t in the Bible about gay people”, and calling them “pansy-assed” for walking out on them. One year earlier, in an earlier appearance in that “hilarious” HBO talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, Savage said on the air that he wishes Republicans “were all f***ing dead!”. Not to mention in 2013, he also wished death on Sarah Palin… twice. Once in March when he wished Palin would get oral cancer from chewing tobacco, another time was right after Christmas when he wished she would choke on a Christmas bun. I could list more instances of his intolerance, but that would be too much.

This announcement proves once again why public trust in network television is dwindling more than ever these days. We can only hope that this will go the way of other militant gay sitcoms that failed in 2012, like NBC’s The New Normal and CBS’s Partners.

Below is a video the Family Research Council made calling out Dan Savage for the vile militant he really is. He does nothing at all to help the gay rights movement in this country.



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