OPINION: Alienating Families with Vile Content


Just in time for Valentine’s Day earlier this month, WE tv debuted a vile, disgusting reality show called Sex Box. The program basically puts a committed couple inside a box where only their shadows can be seen, and they (not surprisingly) have sex in that concealed room. The subject matter of this new reality show is so vulgar that the Parents Television Council is petitioning WEtv to end the show… as they should. There’s no question that this show is yet another example of declining standards and a coarsening culture during an administration held by a radical progressive Democratic president.

The people at WE tv should be ashamed of themselves. Nobody has really heard of the network, that’s because only about 4 million people watch the show. That’s right, 4 million out of a nation of over 318 million people. The network says that the PTC is wrong to condemn Sex Box without watching it. However, that’s absolute nonsense. Like CBS’s propaganda Madam Secretary, criticizing Sex Box without watching it is like condemning an illegal drug like crystal meth or crack cocaine without taking it. So, what should we do to join the PTC in their cause? Unfortunately, large cable companies like Comcast (the owners of NBC) and Time Warner Cable force WE tv on us through a bundle. Isn’t that nice? In a time when people are being able to choose the content they want to watch on venues like Netflix (i.e. classics like Leave it to Beaver, which my parents recently got into again), Comcast and Time Warner continue to shove garbage like this down our throats.

This isn’t just about protecting American children, or about decency in entertainment, this is about bringing traditional family values back to American culture… something liberal Hollywood thinks is irrelevant nowadays. It’s beyond belief! What’s going on in the television industry right now is beyond belief! Yet Hollywood gets away with it, and tabloid magazines such as People and Us Weekly even go gaga over this filth.

There comes a time when American traditionalists must come together and takes a stand, and this is one of those times. WE tv has done an awful thing, and they have made protecting children in this country even more of a full-time job to parents. There is no excuse whatsoever for Sex Box. The show is basically based on a short-lived show of the same name that aired on the UK’s Channel 4 only to get cancelled last year. Filth like this is yet another reason why the Parents Television Council is becoming more and more relevant to American families every day. They hold television networks accountable for many of the unnecessary pieces of trash they air, and like many of us, they long for a time when TV goes back to basics.



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