OPINION: The 87th Academy Awards and the Pompous Elitism of Hollywood

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As I mentioned in a news story on Monday, there is a huge disconnect between Hollywood and the rest of America. While the majority of the nation focuses on things such as creating jobs, sending kids to good schools to get a quality education, and having our culture return to traditional family values such as respecting your elders and realizing the consequences of actions such as using illegal drugs and heavy drinking, pompous Hollywood celebrities who make obscene amounts of money pretending to be somebody they’re not preach on bogus causes. For example, during last night’s Academy Awards, actress Patricia Arquette who stars in the largely unknown (and overrated) film Boyhood was ranting about women’s rights and “income inequality”, while hip-hop hack John Legend and rapper Common were ranting about America being an “incarcerated” country after they performed a race-baiting song made for the Oprah Winfrey-Brad Pitt production, Selma. The majority of the nation doesn’t care about stuff like this, yet both ABC and the Academy Awards had the audacity to let these people shove this stuff down our throats. And they wonder why ratings for the ceremony were low compared to the Super Bowl.

Not surprisingly, many in the left-wing media defended this drivel. The CBS Evening News went as far to use skewed statistics in order to say that Arquette had a point. Not to mention CNN gave Entertainment Weekly columnist Anthony Breznican a platform to say conservatives “think women don’t deserve equal pay”. Anchor Don Lemon didn’t even challenge Breznhican’s idiotic claims, instead lobbing softballs at him. Lemon should know better than to let the idiotic words coming out of this Entertainment Weekly writer’s mouth go unchallenged like that. Then there’s a man named Terry Krepel, who is a committed left-wing zealot. This guttersnipe is obsessed with attacking conservative news websites such as WorldNetDaily, NewsMax, and The Daily Caller, and used to be an editor for the far-left website Media Matters. Unfortunately, the posts on his smear factory ConWebWatch are also cross-posted on the Media section of The Huffington Post, and a post he did yesterday smeared the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters website by saying they had a double standard on political commentaries by celebrities when MRC writer Clay Waters praised retired NBA star Charles Barkley’s criticism of President Obama on ISIS:

If NewsBusters is willing to treat Barkley’s  political opinions seriously, why is Waters bashing the New York Times for doing the exact same thing?

Hard to believe. So, let me ask you this Mr. Krepel… did you miss the mass beheadings of Egyptian Christians done by ISIS due to Obama’s inaction on terrorism? Are you that dense, that misinformed that you would make such an outrageous statement about the Media Research Center?

Krepel has attacked Fox News and internet sources and has been a butt-kisser for the mainstream press for over 15 years, and he does this for two reasons. He just wants attention and will do anything to get it, and he likes to target anyone who doesn’t tow the liberal line. Not to mention he calls criticism of “conservatives” like Abby Huntsman and Joe Scarborough as “Heathering” (a reference to the teen film Heathers). That’s especially rich being that he’s guilty of this “Heathering” himself, saying that people who criticize the media for having a bias against conservatives are just “media-bashing” and are just mad that “conservatives are accurately portrayed as evil” (he never says that, but the attacks he does are pretty close). If Krepel doesn’t know that especially conservatives are allowed to have an opinion, he’s not qualified run a blog like he’s done for 15 years. If he does, then he lied to his blog’s readers! That’s far worse than anything the mean ol’ Media Research Center would do to vile character assassins like him.

The elites that run Hollywood and the media have shown once again that they believe the rest of the country is stupid during and after Sunday night’s Oscars. Unfortunately, it can only get worse from there. That’s why I’m advocating for all of my readers to seek an alternative source for content. For TV entertainment, watch the Hallmark Channel, INSP, digital sub channels like Me-TV, or streaming services like Netflix. For news, tune into Fox News Channel, NewsMax TV, or internet sources like WND and The Washington Times. They serve as a great alternative to the left-wing media and Hollywood class that’s running our culture to the ground right now.



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