OPINION: Why Disney’s Support for Gay Rights Won’t Stop Me from Supporting Them

There’s no question that The Walt Disney Company (which, if you’re a frequent CCW reader, you know I’ve been a huge fan of ever since I was a little boy) supports rights for gays and lesbians. As I mentioned many times before in previous columns, I have told you that I’m sympathetic to the gay community as well, even though I might not agree with the lifestyle. However, once again, my beef is with militant gays like Dan Savage imposing their views on others, and network television shoving nasty gay sex scenes (or any kind of sex scenes for that matter) down our throats under the guise of entertainment.

In an earlier column, I told you about former Ronald Reagan aide Douglas McKinnon, and a column he wrote that not only made him look bad, but the entire conservative movement as well. Obviously, he has a huge vendetta against Disney’s television division, which I can definitely understand – I do too, but the problem with this piece was he accused the entire company of having a “gay agenda”. That’s definitely not true. And anyway, why should we care whether or not gays and lesbians choose to partner up with each other? Also, why should we care whether or not Disney supports them? Just because they support a lifestyle we conservatives disagree with does not mean the entire conservative movement should boycott the company and tell their peers to stop supporting the organization. If you don’t like their stance on the gay community, then don’t support them. I’m fine with that. However, to force others to think like you is not the right thing to do.

The conservative reaction to Disney’s support for the gay community is about the same as the reaction from America’s far-left zealots to the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A. Nobody forces anyone to go to Disney World or see a Disney movie if they disagree with the corporation’s support for gay marriage, just like nobody forces anyone to buy chicken from a restaurant who believes in traditional marriage. As Bill O’Reilly said on his Fox News show back in 2012, the free marketplace should be just that… both products and ideas that can be displayed without threats of any kind. Nobody should try to destroy Disney’s business just because they don’t agree with the company’s policies.

Obviously, the gay marriage issue continues to divide the nation, not to mention it causes a lot more controversy every day. But again, why should we care how gays or lesbians live their lives?



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