Another Global Warming Movie Bombs at Box-Office


This isn’t surprising in the least, yet another global warming propaganda film has bombed badly at the Box Office. According to Box Office Mojo, the film Merchants of Doubt – which paints people who are skeptical about global warming being caused by man as bought and paid for by oil companies – made only $20,300, despite positive critical reviews from elitist reviewers from sources such as The New York Times. That’s harsh.

The movie’s abysmal box-office means one thing… people are sick of this. It might have worked during the 2000’s when movies like The Day After Tomorrow and An Inconvenient Truth were popular fads at the time, but the American public isn’t buying into this climate change hysteria anymore. Like Obamacare and Common Core, the so-called fight against “global warming” is one thing… a tax on oil, stuff that can heat up your house, help you warm up your stove, and even help your car perform better.



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