Disgusting: ABC Family Airs Vile, Stomach Churning Gay-Kiss Scene Between Two 13-Year-Olds


For a channel called ABC Family, none of the shows seem to be family-friendly compared to what its two predecessors (The Family Channel and Fox Family) were like. What’s ironic is right before The 700 Club  (which is the only show these days that the network puts out a disclaimer on) aired on Monday night, the network aired what they advertised as an “unforgettable” new episode of their lesbian-couple drama The Fosters. The episode in question featured a gay kiss between 13-year-old boys according to Breitbart.com. I’m not going to cite the article, because it features the clip (which by the way does not deserve to be seen if you don’t want to throw up).

What’s obvious from the clip though is the following…

1. It’s child abuse.

2. It’s sexual abuse of two 13-year-old boys by the creator of the show.

3. If we allow stuff like this to continue, then the Disney Channel’s and MTV’s of this world who sell sexual lyrics to tweens and teens are going to win the day.



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