OPINION: ABC Getting Paid for Supporting the Secular Progressive Agenda?


As everybody knows, the ABC television network – which is owned by The Walt Disney Company – has been very aggressive in supporting the secular progressive movement, by either lobbing softballs on liberal political candidates/politicians like President Barack Obama or suppressing stories that might damage them, and now attacking conservatives on its primetime entertainment programs. There is now emerging evidence that Disney-ABC Television Group chief Ben Sherwood, who (as I told you many times before) is part of a group funded by far-left bomb thrower George Soros, told ABC that they would be fined by the Obama administration for showing A Charlie Brown Christmas because of its religious content. Even worse, in 2012 the network also rejected a joke that the sitcom Last Man Standing (a Tim Allen vehicle produced by 20th Century Fox Television) wanted to use calling Obama a communist. Now, that shows how Sherwood is pretty much in bed with Obama. That’s no surprise since he’s also been running ABC News since 2010. To show how his progressive agenda has spread throughout Disney’s TV networks, ABC now has a sitcom in production based on the life of hate-filled gay activist Dan Savage.

As a result of the network’s announcement of that proposed show’s pilot now being in production, there was a major revolt at both the Media Research Center and the Family Research Council; both conservative groups. That’s no surprise, as ABC is also one of the worst performing divisions in Disney’s portfolio. Now, most TV executives working at Disney would have stopped ABC’s corruption a long time ago, but Sherwood might be look for a way to cash in on that corruption since vile sex-filled shows like Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder are so popular on there. Keep in mind, this is a network owned by a company that’s been synonymous with family entertainment ever since it was founded by Walt Disney in 1923, and the ABC brand has been doing nothing but try to tarnish the Disney brand’s reputation – especially recently.

Think about this, a failing broadcast network, ABC might be using its power and the airwaves to promote progressive views and causes as a result of the Soros-funded head of their news division now runs the entirety of the network. Since he works for Soros’ Center for Public Integrity, it’s not a stretch to assume Sherwood would want to help and support any progressive candidate who wants to become the next US President as much as possible. This is obviously a major story –  when a powerful corporation (The Walt Disney Company) owns a broadcast television network that is a major part of the American media, and said network may be using its power and airtime to influence politics and social issues. That kind of corruption within a TV network would make NPR look small by comparison. ABC will not and should not get away with this.



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