OPINION: The Broadcast Networks Reach New Left-Wing Low


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There’s no denying that the broadcast networks are overwhelmingly liberal. Not only has their news coverage over the past few years been promoting far-left causes, protecting the Obama administration at every turn, and demonizing any conservative who dares stand in the way of the progressive agenda (as more revelations of the Brian Williams scandal prove), but as I’ve been writing ever since I started Carolina Culture Warrior, their primetime programming is even worse.

First off, let’s start with the news side of the networks. During NBC’s Today show interview with Kentucky senator Rand Paul this week. As more revelations occur with the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, co-host Matt Lauer decided to do a little bait-and-switch and decided to inject the GOP into the conversation by mentioning Clinton bashing the party for their letter to Iran.

Let me just ask you, if you’re no longer Senator Rand Paul, but President Rand Paul, and you’re trying to conduct foreign policy in the midst of delicate negotiations, would you want members of the Senate undermining that?

Now Senator Paul, to his credit, replied to Mr. Lauer by saying what he is doing is abiding to the law no matter what. Obviously, Mr. Paul should have known that Lauer would be baiting him by asking a question that’s obviously a distraction from this very real issue surrounding Hillary Clinton. This is the mantra of the broadcast networks of the United States, bait anybody who disagrees with their left-wing world view. This morning, all three networks were doing sympathetic puff pieces on Ms. Clinton by saying she was on the “hot seat”, and injecting the GOP’s recent letter to Iran into the story.  CBS also showed how much they hate conservatives too yesterday evening. Scott Pelley is a big problem here, last night as the anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News he allowed correspondent Major Garrett to highlight the GOP as the real villains of the political meltdown this country is suffering. Pelley takes his orders from CBS Corporation president and CEO Leslie Moonves, a committed liberal who has attended many fundraisers for President Obama, including a far-left LGBT event hosted by other members of the media-Hollywood complex, including comedian Ellen DeGeneres, television creator Ryan Murphy (responsible for creating the vulgar comedies about the militant gay lifestyle, Glee and The New Normal), and Lance Black (the screenwriter for the Sean Penn film Milk).

Then there’s the entertainment side of the broadcast networks, who are just as biased as the news side. CBS gave us two examples using two of their currently running shows. Fox News contributor and Catholic priest Jonathan Morris wrote on his Facebook page that an episode of the popular CBS drama The Good Wife that aired this past Sunday (of all days) gave militant atheist Richard Dawkins a platform to say that Christianity is a fairy tale. Another CBS drama called Madam Secretary (infamous for idolizing Hillary Clinton and throwing the families of the 4 victims of the 2012 Benghazi attack under the bus) gave two respective cameo appearances to… wait for it… Martin Bashir! The vulgar British journalist and former MSNBC host who was infamous for saying that vile things should happen to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. However, the network television program that really lit the fire of political divisiveness was the ABC show, Scandal. This prime time drama created by far-left zealot Shonda Rhimes has stoked the fires of left-wing partisanship and racial tensions before. Last week’s episode decided to shamelessly exploit and distort the Ferguson tragedy by making the white cop who shot a black teenager (whose respective names are Officer Newton and Brandon Parker respectively) guilty and racist. The episode ended with the cop having to serve a jail sentence. Not surprisingly, the left-wing media was all giddy about this episode, because it fit their narrative of racism still being alive.

There’s no question that shows like The Good Wife and Scandal will continue to incite respective hatred against Christians (in Good Wife‘s case) and conservatives and police (in Scandal‘s case), but the broadcast networks don’t seem to care. They are alienating more than half of the population with their garbage, and you wonder why people are switching to alternative sources like Fox News and Hallmark Channel every day. Disney especially should spin off all of their TV networks, especially ABC. But, I guarantee you if Disney did that, it would go the way of Air America or Current TV, and file for bankruptcy or be sold to another company respectively. There is no excuse for this in America, the liberal television networks will rue the day.



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