OPINION: The Far-Left Media’s Unprecedented Hate Against Benjamin Netanyahu


It’s no surprise that the liberal media are rather disappointed that Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Israeli Prime Minister, won re-election. And it’s sad to say, that there are people who will never even accept it. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell definitely showed this, given her past hatred against Netanyahu, and even going as far to say “Take that Bibi!” whenever President Obama declined an invitation by Netanyahu to join him on a mission to protect his nation:

Even though as the votes are counted, it still may be a tie. He has more natural allies with whom to form a coalition. This has profound implications that could mean the end of peace with the Palestinians, the end of peace with President Obama, and change the course of history in the Middle East for years to come.

Now, Mitchell’s attack on Netanyahu basically proves one thing, the ongoing hatred against the now re-elected prime minister of Israel is unprecedented in the media. They are now on a jihad against anybody who doesn’t agree with their far-left worldview. Nothing can deny that Netanyahu’s election victory was won fair and square, and he definitely shows what a world leader should do. Obama’s doing nothing to protect the USA, and Netanyahu is showing him that. That’s the main reason why news organizations are going as far as saying he’s a “war-monger”, and other insults. Even ABC News’ Good Morning America is attacking Netanyahu in ways we have never seen:

A man who has been such a thorn in their sides and that is unlikely to change any time soon with Netanyahu this week coming out against a Palestinian state after the Obama administration has worked so hard on a peace process.

Hard to believe the person who spewed out this drivel under the guise of a news reporter is given a national platform by ABC News, almost impossible to believe. The question is, what is Disney thinking? Two of their recent animated offerings, Frozen and Big Hero 6, have grossed more money in combined box-office receipts than GMA or anything else on ABC will ever get in ratings. For the record, my point is that unlike Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu is doing all he can to ensure that his people are protected from Palestinian terrorists, and of course, Hamas, who – like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS, and other terror groups – is out to destroy not only Israel, but also people around the world.

Then there are the far-left zealots at MSNBC who have become so crazy and anti-Semitic, it’s absurd. Want proof? Here’s what MSNBC guest and London professor Fawaz Gerges had to say on that far-left channel:

We know exactly where Benjamin Netanyahu stands. We know he is engaged in a deceptive game. We know he has been lying to the world, including his most closest ally, the United States of America. He said, “As long as I am prime minister, there will be no Palestinian state.” He does not believe in a two state solution. And more importantly, I think use of fear, the use of xenophobia and racism against a significant segment of Israeli citizens, warning Jewish voters that Arabs were flooding the polls. This is from a leader who basically celebrates Israeli democracy.

That’s embarrassing! Is this guy kidding? Stuff like this just goes to show you that like the people of Ivy League colleges like Harvard and Columbia, Professor Gerges is a flat out fool. The truth is that Netanyahu is not crying wolf. Palestine and Iran are threatening Israel with terrorism, and the threats are getting worse. Period. People like Power Rangers creator Haim Saban and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson also continue to show concern for Israel (they are very well-known Jewish businesspeople right now), and want to donate money to make sure that their cause for the Holy Land works. Netanyahu is a true world leader, someone Obama should have learned from during the very beginning of his administration. We can only hope that when next year’s presidential election comes, we also get a leader that will become America’s answer to Netanyahu’s incredible leadership of Israel.



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