Seventeen Magazine to 10-17 year olds: ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ To Be Transgender


Plenty of parents who have tween and/or teenage girls in their house probably cringed in disgust when they saw what was inside the latest issue of Seventeen magazine that came with the subscription they bought their daughters… not to mention they probably told these kids they were going to cancel that subscription.

One of the reasons? The magazine recently gave a “transgender” 14-year old named Jazz Jennings (who was born a male) a fawning platform to spew out his “tolerance” campaign. The conversations this magazine had with Jennings? “Don’t be afraid about who you are.” I agree with that and all, but I’d like to inform Jazz that being transgender is a choice. As I said before, I support the gay community. Many of the gays I’ve met throughout my lifetime are good people. However, I believe the “transgender” “movement” has gone overboard, and is the only part of “LGBT” that I do not agree upon. Even the Clean & Clear acne system has hopped on board the transgender indoctrination train with their new ad campaign featuring Jennings. Stuff like this online puff-piece on Seventeen‘s website and that Clean & Clear ad campaign is yet another example (to avoid waxing hyperbolic) of the decline of western civilization.

If this is what passes for what’s acceptable content aimed at children and tweens, then American children have officially lost their innocence, and will not be able to gain it back. For those of us who appreciate the innocence of childhood and the warm feeling of Middle America as shown in comic strips like Peanuts and shows such as The Andy Griffith Show and The Waltons, much of today’s content aimed at children (i.e. on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon) are nothing more than smut sassiness, and a desire to push future generations of Americans into moral oblivion.



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