Side Effect of Common Core: NEA Puts Out Anti-Police Sign


Next time you see someone who doesn’t think that Common Core indoctrinates children into hating their country rather than actually educate them, have this story in mind.

According to Breitbart News Network, a group backed by one of the most prominent proponents of Common Core – the far-left National Education Association (NEA) – just funded an anti-Police protest in Wisconsin with your taxpayer dollars. The sign these protesters are putting out during this excuse just to cause a raucous are holding a sign that says “All Cops are Bastards!”, apparently referencing the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Instead of finding out how to better our children’s education, they want to indoctrinate them, and they also have the nerve to insult the men and women who risk their lives to protect our cities. My god! Why is this acceptable?

I will have an article about how awful Common Core really is next week, so stay tuned.



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