‘The New Yorker’ Smears Ted Cruz as ‘Uppity’


I’m no fan of Ted Cruz, but that doesn’t mean the far-left should be assassinating his character. Case in point, the recent hit-piece that The New Yorker magazine recently wrote about him; it described him as “uppity”, which is basically nothing but a pejorative against minorities who “don’t know their place”.

The conventional wisdom is that Cruz hasn’t got a chance, and, as far as the Presidency goes, it’s probably accurate. To many Americans, he is the uppity loudmouth who, in the fall of 2013, less than a year into his first term as a senator, helped bring the federal government to a halt.

New Yorker editor David Remnick should be ashamed of himself for allowing this piece of vitriol, but he is anything but. Not even the removal of the word “uppity” can change the fact that they personally and racially smeared Mr. Cruz. That’s totally fine in far-left circles though since he’s a conservative. Even if I find Ted Cruz too extreme, that doesn’t give The New Yorker any excuse to personally smear the man.



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