‘Do You Believe?’ Review: Depressing Lifetime-style Film Disguised as Christian Drama


If you were hoping for Do You Believe?, the new film from the creators of last year’s sleeper hit God’s Not Dead to be an inspiring film, then prepare to be disappointed. This basically was nothing more than one of those depressing original movies broadcast by the women’s network Lifetime, only with Christian undertones.

The film begins in the bustling city of Chicago, where we are guided by the narration of a pastor named Matthew (Ted McGinley), who tells the stories of himself many others, including a homeless woman named Samantha (Mira Sorvino) and her young daughter Lily (Mackenzie Moss), a couple who lost their daughter (Cybill Shepherd and Lee Majors) and a lot more stories that are way too short to catch up on. Most of these stories have great intentions, but the filmmakers could have made the story more family oriented and did not need to be so depressing to the audience. It’s like getting those vibes from that badly made TV film that aired on Hallmark Hall of Fame back in November called One Christmas Eve. That film tried so hard to be a comedy, but stuff like the tree catching fire at a police station and the younger child getting seriously injured after falling long and hard trying to catch a puppy made that film more depressing than feel-good. Do You Believe? is the exact same way. Again, it had great intentions, but it was too depressing. What also griped me about this film was the fact that a gang member (Shwayze) that finds himself at a church while on the run from police (and ends up not wanting to be a part of that gang) ends up being killed, and we also see his eyes open – not to mention a gunshot wound. That could definitely give children nightmares.

The film is just one big mess. I had no idea what was going on, I had no idea whether this movie wanted to be an inspirational Christian drama or a Lifetime drama. Overall, even if you’re a practicing Christian, this should be avoided because it’s just too depressing.

Final Grade: D-



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