New Moderator of ‘Face the Nation’: Far-Left Zealot John Dickerson


Courtesy: Media Research Center


CBS News has chosen its political director John Dickerson to replace legendary broadcast journalist Bob Schieffer as the moderator of their flagship political affairs program, Face the Nation. According to, an outlet of Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center, Dickerson is a notorious far-left zealot who has been working under the guise of a journalist for years. An article he wrote on the online magazine Slate definitely shows this, because in that article he basically tells President Obama to declare war on the Republican Party. He doubled down on that vicious rhetoric after conservatives called him out on his vitriol.

The fact that CBS hired such a radical left person to replace a veteran journalist like Schieffer with a committed leftist disguising himself as a reporter just goes to show why no one even trusts the networks for anything anymore.

And you wonder why alternative sources like Fox News (in terms of news coverage) and Hallmark Channel (in terms of entertainment) are beating the ratings every day.




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