OPINION: My Time in the Bay Area


I just ended a week-long trip to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit my grandparents from my father’s side. My father was the youngest of 6 children, being born in 1965. My grandmother, whom our family calls Gus, is now totally blind, but she still cooks, cleans, and knows her way around her own house… a miracle if you ask me. At 86, our grandfather who prefers the term ‘Papa’ is also going strong. Although now on a walker, he remains a committed person. He always goes to his monthly Rotary meetings, and is a very sociable man. It’s amazing how people their age are still able to do the things they love, not to mention still be able to take care of their grandchildren, although they are now at the age where we have to take care of them back.

Also, although San Francisco has indeed gone incredibly left-wing with their policies and their culture, there’s no denying that it’s still a very fun city to go to. There’s a lot to go to and see whenever you’re in the city itself. Why do I especially love visiting this place? Well, this is the birthplace of the invention of blue jeans, which were patented in the 1870’s by Levi Strauss & Co. – or Levi’s for short. Their headquarters is in the Embarcadero section of the city, while their flagship store is located on Market Street, not far from where Levi Strauss himself once lived. Do I agree with their politics and their risqué and racy advertising choices? No. But, you can’t deny that like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, they still provide great products. It’s amazing how a company like Levi’s or Ben & Jerry’s can be as far-left as they can go, and yet still love the respective jeans and ice cream that these companies are known for. However, you don’t buy their politics. You buy their products. I expect companies to have a differing point of view than mine, but people should treat differing views with respect. And yes, that includes every single American, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Enough with that though, let’s continue with my trip. If you’re a conservative, you may think of the San Francisco area as a place where people wave around rainbow flags and protest against GMOs in their foods and/or rioting in the streets of Oakland in the form of Occupy Wall Street. Of course there is a fair share of that kind of nonsense (which is even endorsed by the city’s two local rags, the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner – not to be confused with the Washington Examiner), but they don’t happen every single day in this area. There are also some great places to go to whenever you’re in this area, and I will talk about this tomorrow on Carolina Culture Warrior. Now though, I close with this very important statement about my family. My grandparents are very strong people for their age. As our grandparents age, it’s a time when families need to be closer together, and that’s especially what’s happening with my Dad’s side of the family. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends have all come together regardless of political and social point of views in order to celebrate two wonderful people. Not to mention that regardless of the fact it is no doubt as far-left as they go, the San Francisco Bay Area is still a wonderful place.



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