OPINION: Why Independence Day is Important for America


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Yesterday, the United States of America celebrated its 239th birthday. While it’s still celebratory for a lot of Americans, many conservatives are celebrating the holiday with some bittersweetness. Why? Because last month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage. While the far-left, big business, and militant gay groups celebrated, many conservative groups like The Heritage Foundation were not surprisingly concerned. They believe that because of the ruling, the Christian community which served the basis for which this country was founded upon will now be penalized for opposing same-sex marriage. Well, here’s my perspective.

The federal government will always do stupid things, just as they’ve done dumb things in the past. This also is not the first time the Supreme Court made stupid decisions. You may remember that in the 1970’s, in the light of Roe v. Wade, the court declared bans on abortions illegal. As a result, pro-life movements have been spreading across the country which continue to this day. If you ask me, we’re beginning to see history repeat itself again. Both Ronald Reagan and the Founding Fathers predicted a time like we’re in right now. They were getting really sick of the British government telling them what to do, and what to accept. They founded a country that would be governed by the people, rather than the elites (which are now running this country, thanks to the Obama administration). They’ve had their share of atrocities (i.e. slavery), but it’s the human condition to unintentionally do atrocious things. We all make mistakes, the Founders especially want us to know that. If our education system weren’t so focused on demonizing the founders like they are now, then we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in these days. Again, if we leave the Culture Wars aside for a minute, we can realize that we still live in one of the most free countries in the world. I am nonetheless proud of our country, no matter what our strengths or weaknesses are.

Look, the United States has its share if good moments and bad moments. I too was in support for same-sex marriage, and I think that the Supreme Court did not do the ruling correctly. Although I am concerned about how this will all play out (i.e. churches losing tax-exempt status, private businesses being sued), I still remain optimistic that this country will ride the cultural storm. The history of the United States has a very complicated history. Although I do want this country to progress in terms of business practices and technology (and of course social issues to a small extent) I don’t want any of the fundamental freedoms we were founded upon to leave. On this Independence Day, it was the time to celebrate and appreciate the opportunities given to us. It is up to my Millennial generation have the US live up to its potential and return it to its original roots. We take our freedoms for granted unfortunately. One look away, and they can be taken from you in a second. That’s why we need to work hard every day to preserve the liberties we still have, and give them to the next generation of Americans.



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