OPINION: Why is MTV Race-Baiting?


There’s no question that the culture war that the United States is involved with is getting more dirty and more vicious than ever. Even with the latest U.S. Supreme Court rulings, neither social liberals nor social conservatives seem to have any signs of slowing down. I have also since tried to move on from the same-sex marriage issue. Even though I disagreed wholeheartedly with how the court handled the ruling, we’re going to have to accept that it’s now the law of the land, and I encourage Congress to make sure the religious freedoms of all states and all individuals, no matter what race, skin color, or whatever, to be protected. However, even if Congress did act on protecting our religious freedom, the culture wars would still go on because there are few people and organizations that just won’t stop. Here are a few examples:

Number 1, Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell, who I respect, teamed up with his business partner Tim Graham to write a column talking about the Supreme Court ruling. With all due respect to Mr. Bozell, this was over the top. Once again, it makes us lose elections rather than win them. Graham was the one doing all the writing in this column it seems, and he’s the only MRC writer I never really had any use for. I really do hate to sound like a flaming liberal whenever I say that. We don’t want to talk about the issue anymore. It’s over now, and the only thing we have left is to just ride out the storm and see what happens.

Number 2, in light of the situation where a woman in San Francisco named Kathryn Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant, journalist Jose Antonio Vargas – who is also an illegal immigrant – has teamed up with MTV to air a documentary that portrays the entire white race as oppressive to minorities and privileged about themselves. There’s no question that this special will incite racial tensions to worsen around the world, but MTV doesn’t seem to care. All it cares about is indoctrinating people in my age group into thinking America needs radical change both politically and socially. Vargas ought to be ashamed of himself for this. While he complains about white privilege, he’s living in a country that has hundreds of thousands of American citizens of all races and colors risking their lives so he can spew his garbage without fearing some psycho terrorist blowing him the hell up. His arrogance is horrifying. During 1776 when this country was being founded, General Washington might have incarcerated Mr. Vargas, and Benjamin Franklin would have slapped the tar out of him. But today, Vargas’ anti-American actions are largely ignored. I am asking all of my readers to cancel their cable service. Very simple, just cancel your cable service. That way, both Vargas and MTV might get the message. And if any retailer in your area sells this vile special, White People, let’s go into the store with a sign that says “Cut your Cable”. it doesn’t matter what race you are, there is no excuse for anything like this to be made. For some reason, both MTV and Jose Vargas have some grudge against this country. In a free society they are both entitled to that, but they are not entitled to increase racial tensions against Americans.



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