Priorities: The New York Times Shifts Focus on Republicans Rather Than Planned Parenthood

14-0624-New-York-Slimes-500Well, this was pretty much expected. The New York Times, which I pointed out in yesterdays opinion column smeared the Center for Medical Progress as a fringe group in a past editorial, went so far to focus on Republicans wanting to investigate Planned Parenthood rather than the organization itself. And just when you thought the media couldn’t possibly sink any lower in defending Planned Parenthood, they do!

They disgrace the journalism industry. They seek to demonize anybody who dares question the antics of an organization like Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile the world is more focused on the killings of animals like Cecil the Lion or the killing of thugs like Michael Brown, who was convicted of robbery. We are turning into a nation of low-info people, and that’s exactly what The New York Times wants. Their worldview is destructive to the United States, and it will continue to be confronted on Carolina Culture Warrior. However, this will be the last time I cover the whole Planned Parenthood situation. Tomorrow, I will be talking more about my recent trip to San Francisco, and what there is to do if you plan on going anytime soon.



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