ABC and Far-Left Exploit Josh Duggar Scandal to Hurt His Family


Many of you may remember the scandal surrounding reality TV star Josh Duggar. I personally have never watched a single episode of 19 Kids & Counting, nor do I plan to because it’s nothing but Trash TV. However, I do sympathize with the Duggar family, as they are a devout evangelical Christian family. Sadly, we should expect openly Christian families like the Duggars to be scorned upon by our modern society. Even if you’re conservative, Hollywood, the media, and the internet will personally attack you in ways you have never seen.

Here’s an example. Brent Bozell’s reports that this past Friday, the ABC News program Nightline gave far-left loon Amanda Marcotte a platform to say that social conservatives deserve to be exploited as hypocrites because of this episode. Josh is just one person who did a sick thing, ABC and Marcotte have no right to smear his heinous actions on the rest of his family who hasn’t done anything wrong. The kooks are lighting the fires, and the “alphabet” network – for some strange reason – decided to give one of those kooks a platform to smear pro-lifers, and conservatives as a whole, and say this was “karma” for conservative beliefs. I’m sure it’s causing the Duggars even more grief:

CHANG: In a statement on the Duggar family website, Josh calls himself “The biggest hypocrite ever,” saying, “While espousing faith and family values I have been unfaithful to my wife.” He even confessed that he has a porn addiction, but later took that admission down. The scandal all the more shocking because it’s Josh Duggar, whose outspoken public moralizing so blatantly contradicts his now very public private life.

HOWARD BRAGMAN (REPUTATION.COM): I think if you want to position yourself as a moral leader then you better be willing to put every email, every text, every membership, virtually everything you do out in the public and withstand the scrutiny.

CHANG: According to Gawker, Duggar paid almost $1,000 to maintain two Ashley Madison accounts, under the handles “Josh the man” and “ready for this DC,” indicating his preference was for “stylish and classy, naughty partners with a take charge nature.” And yet all the while, Josh was lobbying for the Family Research Council, an advocacy group promoting conservative Christian values, rallying against issues like abortion.

DUGGAR: And in my lifetime, we are going to end abortion in the United States of America, once and for all.

CHANG: And against same-sex marriage.

DUGGAR: Every single child deserves a mother and father.

CHANG: Even instagramming out this photo of himself and his wife sharing a drink from Chick-Fil-A, with the caption, “marriage equals man plus woman.”

MARCOTTE: He’s been spending years and years trying to, like, interfere with gay people’s right to get married. And so seeing that kind of come back on him and seeing his own marriage get, sort of, taken for a ride, you know, it felt like karma.

Yeah, karma… Well Ms. Marcotte is certainly acting like a henchman for a Disney villain. She was being used by ABC, and the network was also using her back, and that brings us to the man behind the curtain.

Since 2010, ABC president Ben Sherwood has been paying character assassins to lie and distort the truth under the banner of ABC News. And since last year, he has spread that hate into the network’s prime time entertainment lineup, mainly shows done by producer Shonda Rhimes, and the upcoming sitcom The Real O’Neals, based on the life of anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage. Sherwood is the guy who hires the hate, the executive who allows ABC’s airwaves to hurt innocent people, and allows the cable networks to force liberal propaganda into entertainment programming. With ABC and its sister channels becoming disasters, he is almost single-handedly destroying a once-great brand.

By the way, Sherwood’s indirect boss is Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger, a man I have a lot of respect for.

So we have a wholesome Christian family whose reputation was ruined because of one bad thing one of their sons did as a teen (it didn’t help that they were exploited by a trashy reality show), and is now subjected to even more pain imposed by the likes of Ben Sherwood. In white-collar circles, it doesn’t get anymore evil than that. Mr. Iger should think about forcing him to resign.



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