Ben Carson Says He May Be Vice-Presidential Pick if Trump Wins Nomination.


On CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson says that if Donald Trump does indeed get the GOP nomination for the 2016 Presidential Campaign, he’s open to be Trump’s vice presidential pick according to a piece published by Newsmax.comIn the article, Carson also talks about how absurd it is to be offended by the term “anchor babies”, or children born in the United States to illegal immigrants. Let’s hope Carson does get the nomination. As much as we at Carolina Culture Warrior agree with Trump in certain areas, he’s just there for the show. We do not need another divider in chief running the White House, and we would get just that if Donald Trump were elected.

CCW will be watching the 2016 race very closely in the next few years. We will also be monitoring various news organizations, as they have become horrible when it comes to assassinating the character of every single conservative living right now.




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