ABC’s Espionage Drama ‘Quantico’ Rabidly Anti-Christian, Celebrates Gays in FBI


It usually takes a season or two for a television program to take partisan political and social positions, but ABC’s new show Quantico smites Christians in the very first episode – in this case, Mormons.

According to, the series premiere shows the main character and a partner having sex in a car (like we need more sex on TV these days?). When she goes to be recruited by the FBI, the other recruits she meets are a stereotypical Mormon, a “devout Muslim”, an openly-gay man who comes from a stereotypical Zionist Jewish family, and a stereotypical Southern woman whose parents were killed on 9/11 (the Zionist, the Mormon, and the Southern woman all ended up being potential suspects).

NewsBusters also reports that the show has already offended members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. None of this should come as a surprise. Ever since the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, Hollywood has used this opportunity to make their villains Christians, Southerners, and 9/11 family members. Obviously, the left, the media, and Hollywood celebrate the mocking of the very faith whose principles this country was founded upon every day, while they decry the celebration of Christian beliefs in movies such as War Room (which I have yet to see) as judgmental. The real judgmental content here was ABC’s shameless attacks on Mormons, Southerners, and Zionist Jews.



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