House Speaker John Boehner to Resign from Congress


According to Fox News, House speaker John Boehner (R) will be resigning from Congress by the end of October. This guy has a pretty interesting history, after snagging the role of House speaker from Nancy Pelosi (D) in 2010, he has proven to not be much better than his predecessor. Critics have called him a very ineffective speaker to the point where they have done campaigns against him.

However, he’s one of the few Republicans NBC likes. In fact, MSNBC’s breaking news anchor Brian Williams (the infamous journalist who was suspended without pay from NBC for fabricating stories about the War in Iraq) even went as far to say that he had to deal with the Tea Party “extremists”. The Tea Party movement might have been taken over by whack jobs two years after it began, but that does not excuse Williams to be smearing conservatives the way he did. This is an example of how the press is not reporting stories like this honestly.



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