NBC’s ‘Heroes Reborn’ Features 9/11-Style Terrorist Attack… Caused by Christians


It turns out that you can’t even watch a prime time drama on NBC without them having to force-feed anti-Christian propaganda. On the new miniseries Heroes Reborn, a reboot of the 2000s series Heroes, the Hollywood left featured devout Christians causing a 9/11-style terrorist attack. It usually takes about a season or two to have a show put out its progressive point of view, Heroes Reborn does so on the very first episode. So, get this, a tragic event caused by radical Islamic terrorists, is exploited by a prime time network to smear Christians for their deeply-held religious beliefs.

Isn’t that fascinating? The broadcast networks’ news operations don’t report anything positive towards Christians, and yet their entertainment arms use that opportunity to bash their religion as backwards – even going as far as using a national tragedy like 9/11 to do so. How despicable is that?



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