OPINION: Double Standards, Character Assassination, and Cowardice at ESPN


As many of you know, ESPN has suspended commentator Curt Schilling from Little League World Series coverage for comparing the number of Islamic extremists today to the number of Nazis in Germany during the 1940’s. This controversy is now front-and-center in the sports world. According to the Hill, the sports network said in a statement, “At all times during the course of their engagement with us, our commentators are directly linked to ESPN and are the face of our brand. Curt’s actions have not been consistent with his contractual obligations nor have they been professionally handled; they have obviously not reflected well on the company.”

Schilling’s words somehow crossed the line… some line somewhere. That crossed the line? Well, let me tell you what you can say on ESPN without them having to suspend you or fire you in any way, shape, or form. Chris Broussard, another analyst at the network said that those who follow God’s call to stay celibate are stupid… I said stupid! He’s still working there. A so-called “professor” on ESPN referred to the national anthem of the United States as a “war anthem”. How “academic” of him to say something like that. And giving an Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs to Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner rather than a military hero who lost one of his limbs won’t get you in any hot water either. So, it turns out that some opinions are more equal than others at ESPN. Laura Ingraham pointed out during the NPR/Juan Williams controversy in 2010 that people working in the media are not allowed to be anything but liberal. If they stray off the farm, they’re demonized and their skills are to be condemned by the world.

This is yet another reason for Disney to spin off its TV networks, especially the network that is causing this controversy. When I was at the Disney Legends awards ceremony at this year’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, I could tell that Disney CEO Bob Iger gave the award to former ESPN president George Bodenheimer, I could tell neither of them looked very happy, and I really do believe it’s because of the network losing the remaining credibility it had. You see the main reason why this suspension is taking place is because the president of ESPN, John Skipper, co-chairs Disney Media Networks with ABC president Ben Sherwood, a committed liberal who has respectively destroyed the ABC network and its sister channels. And now you know all you need to know about Mr. Skipper, and ESPN’s corporate culture.



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