OPINION: Mocking Christianity


This past weekend, I went to a Christian men’s retreat with my father. The retreat was in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and was hosted by the state’s lieutenant governor Dan Forest. It was a great weekend to meet a lot of fellow Christian men who are very concerned about our culture as much as I am. This past Saturday, there was a man who also talked about how outrage is not a Christian virtue, especially when it comes to outrage over what our society shoves down our throats. I forget the name of the man who did the lecture, but it was a very interesting speech nonetheless. I believe we should not be acting outraged over this stuff, as this is getting more and more common in the future. In this day and age however, trying not to be outraged over the stuff we’re facing right now as a society is becoming a full time job, and it’s getting more and more difficult not to get outraged over certain types of content, especially TV shows and TV commercials.

It looks like the attacks against Judeo-Christian faith whose principles this country was founded upon are especially getting even dirtier and more vicious every day, even during commercials while a prominent television program is taking a much-needed break. Want an example? Well, Procter & Gamble, the creators of Ivory soap, Tide laundry detergent, and Cascade dishwashing liquid, released a new commercial for their Tide to Go line of products. The commercial mocks anti-gay churches and adds in a Kim Davis-type character obviously put in there for mockery. Look, I do not agree with what Kim Davis did, she should have followed the law. However, for a major corporation to mock an entire faith as acting in the way Kim Davis did is despicable, and P&G should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a commercial like that to air. It doesn’t matter if you opposed or supported the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, no pinheaded corporation should be mocking and/or making light out of a very complicated or controversial issue. Has my family ever used Tide to clean up their dirty laundry? Not that I’m aware of. It is by far way too expensive for me to purchase in certain stores, and there are much better and much cheaper brands available. Case in point? Any laundry detergent done by the Clorox brand, which does as good of a job cleaning up dirty clothes as Tide would do.

I do not believe in boycotts as I said in a previous column, but I do believe that if a certain business or brand shoves their left-wing ideology down our throats as brands like Oreo, Honey Maid, (both owned by Nabisco) and the Greek yogurt brand Chobani have done, then it gets to the point where they have crossed the line. In a free society, P&G is allowed to air this ridiculous commercial, the money they made from middle America and retailers who cater to it such as Walmart give them that right. Isn’t that ironic, the same people who buy products such as Tide are being mocked on TV through a commercial for that very product. P&G should have thought twice before airing that commercial and alienating traditional Americans who usually use other P&G products. JCPenney tried doing this deal back in 2012, and they got hammered. Their stock price went down because of it, and I guarantee you that the same thing might happen to P&G in the future. I hope that doesn’t happen to them, but don’t say I didn’t warn you if it did happen.

(UPDATE: Apparently P&G issued a statement saying they did not make the commercial, but they had zero problem with it being made.)



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