OPINION: The Muppets Go Hard-Left


The Muppets is a beloved franchise that is universally loved the world over. It was created by Jim Henson in 1955, and has become a household name. Now ABC has decided to tarnish the Muppets brand with a crude new show (rated TV-PG L for Language) that has politicized the characters and turned them into left-wing culture warriors. Miss Piggy especially has been ruined, there was a column written with the character’s name in TIME magazine that endorsed monogamy:

I’m a strong woman with a ridiculously successful career and a hit primetime television series, so I never give up on my dreams. And my dream is to once again be part of a monogamous relationship with a strong, handsome, supportive and preferably wealthy man. And I will pursue that dream no matter how many strong, handsome, supportive and preferably wealthy men I have to date in the meantime. If you qualify, I’m available; contact my agent for details.

Now, those comments were not really written by Miss Piggy, as she’s just a fictional character. Those comments were actually written by somebody working at the Muppets Studios, a division founded by The Walt Disney Company after that organization acquired the rights to the Muppets in 2004. However, that’s not all. The character – performed by puppeteer Eric Jacobson- even went on MSNBC earlier this year to endorse abortion. This was all according to an online diary entry written by Eric Erickson last Tuesday. If you couldn’t wait for these characters to return to television, I’m sure all of that enthusiasm was shot once you read all of these facts. But, here’s the biggest disappointment… One Million Moms, the controversial conservative group infamous for their failed boycott of JCPenney because of their 2012 ad campaign with Ellen DeGeneres, says the new show will also talk about sex and drugs. Not something you would want The Muppets to tackle, is it? This franchise is supposed to be good clean fun for the whole family, and ABC has decided to not only politicize it with this new show, but coarsen it to the point where parents might feel uncomfortable letting their children watch it. Both Walt Disney and Jim Henson are rolling in their graves for sure.

I can’t tell you how angry I am about this. I loved The Muppets as a little boy, and to see this once-great franchise take a hard-left turn is sad. But, what else would you expect from ABC, which is propaganda central in the USA? Stuff like this and a show they’re putting out that shamefully stereotypes Catholics is also the reason why people are moving to alternative sources in droves. I believe that one day, all of this nonsense liberal Hollywood and the liberal mainstream media put out these days will come to an end. At least in the realm of theatrical films, there is the success of the Clint Eastwood film American Sniper, which shows how many people still have respect for our military and the sacrifices they make to protect our freedoms. Luckily, we’re also seeing G-rated films make a comeback too. The Peanuts Movie, which is set for release this coming November, brings back the aspects that made the beloved Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz popular. With these facts in mind, it is my belief that the day of leftist control of Hollywood is coming to an end. Rushing to the cultural left can only go so far, and that’s why public trust in both the press and the entertainment television industry as a whole is at an all-time low. A message to ABC, NBC, CBS and other left leaning networks using their respective news and entertainment venues to push propaganda, you wouldn’t make a sitcom stereotyping muslims and the prophet Muhammad, so why are you making a show stereotyping Catholics? Well, with people getting their content from Netflix and Hulu where they can choose what they want to watch, one thing’s for sure… your day is done.



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